Sometimes, Burning Bridges Is The Only Option

Sometimes, burning bridges is the only option, as Patrick Davis once said. In order to do the impossible and live a life you plan and love, sometimes you have to forget part of our past and let some people go.

After working for many years in higher education, I have to admit that I wish I had burned more bridges throughout the years. I’ve worked with a number of peers who treated me very poorly and simply don’t deserve to be called a colleague.

The many micro aggressions, cold disdains, lies, evil schemes, and racism were some of the things I’ve experienced in my career for almost 15 years. It’s a brutal truth that I don’t wish even for my worse enemy. It brings me bad memories and sad feelings.

Which future assistance can a cold, biased, jealous former peer can do for you? Tell lies behind your back when a future employer calls her? Patrick has a point. Instead of keeping your bridges and inheriting memories you wish to be forgotten, maybe ending the relationships, burning a few bridges all together, is the best protocol.

Start fresh! Build only the bridges that you want to maintain. Resist the temptation to do “the right thing” and keep maintaining poorly stable bridges. A number of these bridges don’t want you to cross them anyways. Be open and real. Why should you give yourself an unnecessary headache?

Willie Ogg has a well know saying in golf, “The best shot is the next shot.” The previous shot means little. The next shot means everything. Do yourself a favor and realize that some bridges are to be burned for your own happiness and sake.

Think about it.