The “Less Fortunate” Immigrants Got It Right

We have much to learn from individuals who immigrated to the US without having any money. As we all in the middle class know, making a living in this country is very tough especially when a person has little to no formal education in America. Despite the obvious challenges of having little preparation in American culture and values, “Less Fortunate” immigrants find a way to survive in the “Major League” American system.

Their formula to success is simple — Work long hours and hard, spend little, fix instead of rebuy, create a small business. A large number of these clever folks simply don’t care about what others think of them. Keeping up with the Joneses don’t seem to be a priority for them.

Success for them clearly means survival, continuous growth, and sustainability. Who wouldn’t want to have more of the former?

I used to belong to another kind of immigrant type. This kind values appearances like owning a big and extravagant house, driving a brand new and expensive imported vehicle, and buying the latest electronics because low interest credit is so abundant and offered.

I couldn’t have been more myopic! This is what I’ve discovered a few years ago — Even if you work overtime and get promoted across states, spending much can and probably will break a family even if you happen to be college educated and familiar with American culture.

The “Less fortunate” immigrants understand that luxury and constant spending won’t help them to succeed in the long run. They truly understand what the secret of wealth building really is.

“Wealthy” immigrants, listen carefully to this. You aren’t obligated to buy huge houses, expensive cars, or the latest surround sound system at Best Buy because there is a zero percent interest for 18 months financing. You don’t need to prove to your friends and family that you’re living large as an immigrant. You and I (we) only have the duty to love the one true God. Everything else is meaningless, as we learn in Ecclesiastes.

We have much to learn from honest “less fortunate” immigrants in America. They know the formula to accumulate wealth and live a good life, I say. Sometimes coming to this country with little to nothing is a blessing for them and us, after all. I learned my lesson, thank God. You can learn it, as well.

Next time you see these hard working “less fortunate” immigrants, remember this article. Lord blessings to you.