My New Hobby: Trading Stocks

When I was a teenager back in Brazil, my dream was to be a stock broker for an investment bank.  Growing up and playing golf with a number of Brazilian investment bank owners like PC Palhares, Ronaldo Williamsens, and the Bueno do Prado family, made my choice of majoring in economics a logical one. In the Spring of 1995, to help me to find placement in an investment firm, I decided to study a course in financial mathematics at the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange.

Now you may be wondering. What is the world are you doing in academia, then? If your dream was to work in the capital market industry. Well, that’s a long story that would take way too long to mention in this article. I can, however, share with you that immaturity had a lot to do with it. Anyhow…

I am now 46 years old  with a small growing portfolio to invest in a period where Warren Buffett decided to sell his positions to have more cash to buy businesses. The Buffett Indicator is at %150, at least 50% higher than what is supposed to be, I’ve learned. Oh Uh… the market is inflated! Playing the stock game right now can be dangerous for Buffett. I get it. However, thank God I’m not him!

Trading short with a cap margin in volatile times can be a good strategy for me, we shall see. I’m making more money in international commodities right now with a few “round trips” along the way. By the way, a round trip is when you buy and sell a stock in the same day.

My investment strategy isn’t based on day trading, though. It’s too risky for me.

I might change my account to a margin instead of cash account in the near future as the portfolio grows along with setting up an ACH for easy money transfer from gains (God willing no losses) from my securities.

I’m trading Petrobras (PBR) right now, along with other commodities stocks. The oil market has too much supply making buying PBR at low. I’m reading a lot on the oil market right now. Occidental Petroleum is also a bargain, by the way.

As Buffett once said, “If you find a bargain, buy it.” Well, I am…

Everybody buys and sells something. We might as well buy and sell stocks. At least, this is how I see it. My misalignment in priorities has costed me the opportunity to really grow my portfolio last year. My mistake… an opportunity to learn.

We seem to be heading to a crash at any minute as every 8-10 years, I’ve read, the market kind of crashes some. It has been 12 years now. I’m aware. Maybe, you should be aware, as well especially if you are counting with having enough stock money to retire.

I’m back… My dream of working with stocks is so alive. It is fun for me… In conclusion, do what you love. Go for your dreams! And don’t let your own fears have too much impact in what you want to do in life.

I’m a media professor by day and a trader at “night”! That’s my path… What is yours?