You May Find These Thoughts Valuable Too

In life, we are constantly learning and reflecting on things that affect our lives. Financial knowledge, human behavior observations, real love and so on. I suspect that these following thoughts will be of tremendous value for some of you.

1. If you find a bargain stock in an area that is underpriced (Oil industry stocks for example right now), buy it and hold the security (or securities) for the long run.

2. As a student of human behavior, I’ve come to realize that only a few people share what they really know with others. The former logic doesn’t apply to most parents, of course. My dad and mom have never said no to helping me when I need it. The latter goes a long way with me.

3. Next time that you kindly ask a person for a piece of advice, remember that most people have their own impatiences and/or self interests. If what they know is esoteric knowledge, the likelihood of them sharing what they know is small.

4. To some, seeing others struggle to discover what they know is entertainment. One of the best feelings people can experience is witnessing the look from those realizing that you know what they didn’t want to share.

5. In the end of the day, your parents are (and your spouse if you are lucky) the ones who really have your best interest in mind. Not anybody else.

Hope you found any of the former helpful.