I See Colors Here, I See Colors There… I See Colors Everywhere

The rainbow’s splendor captures our imagination. We can get speechless by the beauty we see in the many colors found in a morning’s spring sky…

Wait! How about the happy golden hour colors in July? Oh my! A see a bird, I see ten more… I adore

Their many colors are so much more than I’ve ever asked for… and more.

The plethora of colors a chameleon can turn into fascinates us. The blending of a pacific tree frog… We don’t find it odd. We get in a state of awe, instead every day.

Sea horses, flounders, cuttlefish, crab sliders… celebrating their survival in a multitude of different colors to avoid being prey, by the way.

God is His wisdom and power created His creation to be colorful, to be beautiful, to be of as many colors as we can see.

Mankind in his folly and weak bias actions act alone bargaining for a unicolor bland ugly ideal. Are you for real? Humanity again seeking its own destruction.

Our beauty and strength comes from the diversity of colors that the Lord has created… Colors here, colors there, there are colors everywhere! Smile, appreciate, respect, interconnect!

Remember: The Good God is the great architect.