By Their Fruits… You Will Know Them

It has been my experience that a number of people who live in southeast Tennessee (and surrounding areas) are callous, heartless and sometimes plain mean. These are some of the random comments I’ve read in two news reports about inmates complaining they don’t have PPE in one of its county jails to protect themselves against COVID19.

Most of these comments come from a supposed “Christian community,” keep that in mind. As Christians, we are to exercise much compassion, as Jesus did. Remember: By their fruits, you will know them.

If you are a true follower of Jesus Christ, the following may be disturbing for you to read.

1. They are there for a reason! They are criminals & they don’t need any help!
2. More bull.
3. Well bless there pea picking hearts.
4. Stay out of jail and buy all your own PPE. Just saying!
5. If they can figure out how to make shanks….they can figure out how to make a mask. lol. just saying.
6. Bad decisions/choices have consequences, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.
7. They should have thought about that before they broke the law DON’T BE A CRIMINAL and you want be in jail problem solved.
8. STOP putting yourself in a situation that you’re in jail and problem solved.
9. Stop breaking the law and you wouldn’t be in there.
11. Stay outta jail then!
12. Don’t break the law and u want be in jail lol act like a criminal u get LOCK UP!!
13 They should not be allowed masks.
14. Tell them if their inmates didn’t break the law they wouldn’t have to protest!
15. Maybe don’t break law then no worries because laws matter.
15. They are in a jail. Social Distancing is not gonna happen.
16. Same people complaining about PPE use meth.
17. They disturbing the peace.
18. Boohoo! Don’t break the law lol.
19. Waste to society people like these.
21. Just kill them behave you wouldn’t in there.
22. The jail won’t help nobody they treat people like trash in there so no they’re not going to help.

This is also what gives our great country a bad name. How heartless and callous, don’t you think?