Happy 4th Of July

Happy forth of July. Despite the issues that we have, America is a fascinating and great country. Here is why…

  1. The USA is the center of human invention, with inventions ranging from computers to airplanes, cell phones, the lightbulb…
  2. The USA has been awarded more Nobel prizes than any other country.
  3. The USA is connected. About 90% of Americans have internet compared to 54% of the global population.
  4. The USA draws one million international students a year for its universities. It is the worlds strongest higher ed system.
  5. The USA is a business hub. Out of the 2000 largest organizations, over 500 are located in this country.
  6. Much of the music that people listens in the world comes out of the USA.
  7. The USA has won more Olympic medals than any other country in Olympic events.

And much more, according to usatoday. Be blessed.