Charismatic/Pentecostal Churches And Kundalini Awakening Yoga

Be aware about the similarities between some charismatic/pentecostal churches and the beliefs and practices of kundalini awakening yoga. I will do my best to explain my concerns in this article.

I’m not a practitioner of hinduism but a Christian and researcher. From what I’ve observed and read, I see a correlation between kundalini awakening yoga and some pentecostal/charismatic churches worship practices and beliefs.

The manifestation of slain in the spirit, uncontrollable laughing, physical jerks, new spirit insights, spontaneous movements, the feeling of energy surge or fire, clearing of the mind, and repetitive singing occur in many pentecostal churches today. Some more than others, of course.

If these former manifestations aren’t seen in scripture, one can reasonably argue that they are demonic in nature. Hinduism is a religion based on many Gods. From a Christian perspective, polytheism isn’t a Christian doctrine but idolatry.

“Do not turn to idols or make for yourselves any gods of cast metal: I am the Lord your God” Leviticus 19:4. “You shall have no other gods before me” Exodus 22:3.

Although Jesus is the only one who can read our minds, a number of pentecostal/charismatic leaders and kundalini yoga gurus claim to have this divine gift along with the ability to smell fragrances. In some services, sounding like an animal roaring is “evidence” for the Holy Spirit. I’m not sure about that.

Be very careful to where you go to church at. If you witness people falling into the floor, many people shaking violently, laughing and dancing uncontrollably while at church especially when the pastor stops by, be aware. You may be a part of a church cult.

My advice: Seek a bible believing church with a solid biblical doctrine and stay away from any eastern religions and practices. Keep your eyes on the Lord and let discernment fill your heart. You don’t need to witness any signs and wonders to have reassurance that God exists and saves.

We don’t need to see in order to believe! Remember John 20:29. “Believing without seeing.” Peace be with you, all.


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