God Enables Us To Complete Impossible Tasks

It is written, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. I’ve seen evidence of the former, in fact.

Nick Vujicic, without any arms or legs, surfs, plays golf, graduated with a degree in economics and is one of the most well known motivational speakers of our times.

Ray Charles, without any eye sight after the age of 7, was able to win 12 Grammy awards and be, according to the Rolling Stone magazine, the 10th best music artist of all time.

David defeated Goliath. Sarah gives birth to Issac at age 90. Daniel escapes the lion’s den. Peter escapes from prison. Nehemiah builds a wall in 52 days…

What isn’t possible with God’s blessings? Even the impossible becomes reality. I pray that many miracles go your way and that God enables you to accomplish much for the kingdom.

Blessings to you. Happy Friday.

Author: Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida

Communication Arts professor who has taught over a thousand students in his career. By empathizing with his students, he advises them to think with no box and motivates them to have a successful college life. Through his multifaceted approach to traditional and new medias, his students have the opportunity to become better communicators. Dr. A has helped hundreds of young adults to truly discover who they are, what makes them tick and where their passions lie, in order to achieve long term success in life. He is a very productive college professor who can be found on a variety of social media outlets, public and academic sources, and even on merchandise showcasing his photographic art. Technology complements but doesn’t define him. Colleges house him but can’t hold him.