Lessons From A Financial Video And My Two Cents

My general response to the video: How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast Using Velocity Banking | How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years” on YouTube”

After critically watching this YouTube video, we can clearly learn a number of lessons from it. The line of credit strategy and leveraging credit to reduce amortized interest rates is something I didn’t know about. It is excellent to know.

Most of the other concepts I knew about.
We chose to let others pay “our” high interest rates in exchange to letting us have more mobility, which in the administrative world of higher education is important.

It gives us a chance to move jobs quick in order to move up the chain of command if we choose to. We play the system against itself leveraging our small businesses and margin investment accounts mostly for increases in cash flow keeping expenses to a minimum.

I’m not a typical college professor who acts in an arrogant way against others and who disregards the opinion and logic given by non PHD’s. Most of what I’ve learned in finance and leadership occurred out of former higher education.
It actually came from my Jewish friends and my military mentors.

If you have interest in how systems work (which I suspect you do), you may find this blog post interesting to read or hear. It’s a piece I wrote on the subject of finance.


My recommendation: Watch the video. It looks like a get rich video but it has some esoteric financial knowledge worth knowing. The real estate advise seems sound with the exception that the author doesn’t take into account risk and maintenance cost.

Author: Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida

Communication Arts professor who has taught over a thousand students in his career. By empathizing with his students, he advises them to think with no box and motivates them to have a successful college life. Through his multifaceted approach to traditional and new medias, his students have the opportunity to become better communicators. Dr. A has helped hundreds of young adults to truly discover who they are, what makes them tick and where their passions lie, in order to achieve long term success in life. He is a very productive college professor who can be found on a variety of social media outlets, public and academic sources, and even on merchandise showcasing his photographic art. Technology complements but doesn’t define him. Colleges house him but can’t hold him.