Don’t Even Think Twice: If The Relationship Is That Bad, Leave

“Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of the evil. Avoid it; do not go on it; turn away from it and pass on.” Proverbs 4:14-19.

If the relationship in your place of employment is that bad, leave. Don’t waste your efforts in a place where your talents aren’t being used to capacity. You will waste your time and they theirs. The biggest error of all is to join an organization overqualified and try to “win over a manager” who is threatened by you. Employees who decide to stay in these kinds of institutions end up being a captive and experiencing the Stockholm syndrome. If you are being shut out, get out!

Quitting is an art, as Peg Streep once said. It’s not simple to leave a job in the USA as we live in a technopoly with high levels of automation like eastern Asian countries like Japan. There is more supply of employees looking for a job than a demand to hire them in most industries in the US but the former shouldn’t be a reason for staying in a job that makes you miserable. That’s why being an innovator is the only logical path for an employee living and working in a highly industrialized nation to take — Innovation creates demand regardless of whether a person is a member of a collectivist culture like Japan or an individualistic culture as we see in England.

It has been widely stated that we’re to do what is best for our families. In the fickle workplace landscape we live in these days, loyalty is as good as the relationship between the employee and employer. I wish we lived back in 1948 where employees would retire after working for 40 years in one single company. Our current realities are too far apart from this nostalgic ideal. That’s why treating everyone with respect and appreciating people’s contributions in an organization is a must for people to stay longer. 

Failing to do the former will result in constant turnover and unit instability which can be quite painful and tiresome for those who choose to stay in the system. As the rates of automation increase, employees hired and retained decrease. Losing an employee tomorrow may result in non-replacement due to lower than usual demands. If the former hypothesis proves to be true, then treating employees with respect is to be a priority in organizations of any size in America. Are level 1 managers going to step up the game and develop a more socially intelligent way to govern or are they going to cling to past practices? 

Only time will tell. 

When in doubt, be kind and relational. You can’t go wrong by being nice to people. Celebrate others and don’t make their lives a living hell. Despite of what many may think, people do take notes and will eventually get out of a bad situation. 

That’s for sure.