A Dream… Another Message

I had another revealing dream last night. The message was clear — If a church appears to be a false church, check scripture and go with your instincts. God will show you if the church has been infiltrated by the enemy or not this way.

In my dream, I was invited to go to an elaborated looking wealthy church with marble flooring and gold walls, clearly Pentecostal in theology since the congregants were speaking in glossolalia at each other loudly. The pastors was clearly there to exploit the church attendants. I noticed that those who financially supported the organization were given positions of leadership within the church and received privileged treatment.

Only a few (in fact 2) were personally approved by the false teacher pastor to be a leading member of the church leadership team without having any affiliation with the organization. One of these two people was I. With many reservations, I ended up briefly accepting the offer to teach in the church based on a past dream of mine of being a pastor.

The holy spirit told me to get out of that situation in the dream immediately. I felt the call and accepted the command. Then my mom came and said to me with a concerned face while I was leaving the church, “There is a heavy presence in here.” I told her, I agree and I won’t be affiliated with them anymore. They don’t keep the sabbath! I left soon after and was approached by a lost congregant before I actually left the church.

He was totally brainwashed. Anyways…

I found my way to my car, turned on the key, left the parking lot to hit the highway when I saw a person on the back seat. It was a scary looking regular man smiling — He was the devil… Thinking that I was now part of his team. I immediately told him that I wasn’t and that I was going to let the pastor know after going home. At no moment I was scared of him.

He got furious, looked at me through the rear view mirror and made me vomit what appeared to be a pile of uncooked hot dog paste signifying that what I would talk to others in this world (the word of God) means crap to him. I was then cleaned by the Holy Spirit immediately and he disappeared, I was now back at that church again, being celebrated by the false pastor.

I then told him, I’m out. This church is a false church and you pastor will need to face God and explain what you have done to these poor congregants. He immediately left me smiling and went to the hall to entertain other congregants who were there socializing in the upper area of the church. While I was leaving the church, I was faced with the other fellow who was assigned to be the other teacher in the church. He appeared to be 15 years old and very naive. I told him to get out of the church and that the congregation has been infiltrated by the devil.

He refused to listen to me and blindly went up to do his teachings with a lot of pride and disregard to me. I then saw his soul being deceived to do the working the devil inside of a “Christian Church.” After that, I woke up.

The message was finally sent to me. I felt it. It was clear it. Don’t force yourself into ministry. It’s a God’s choice not yours.

Anyways… I think this dream was shared with me last night by God to solidify what I prayed 2 years ago. I belong in higher education not in a church of any kind for now. If God wants you in this arena, He will make it possible for this to happen His way not yours or mine. Be careful with deception.

Some of the pastors we see in contemporary churches today may not have the calling to being a pastor at all. Remember the lesson we learn from the letter to the Ephesians, “So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” Ephesians 4:11-12.

And it’s okay! I’m glad I had this bad dream last night. I temporarily felt in the trap but came out quickly from it. In a matter of minutes.

The Lesson Restated: Do what God tells you do do. God loves you. Never forget that.