Another Dream, Another Message

God is speaking to me in dreams, again. It happens that these dreams have all been nightmares. I’m not afraid to fight demons and stand firm with God. Clearly, I need to be stronger in the word in order to play this game in these dreams. Faith isn’t enough, when battling some demons (maybe the devil himself), but it melts many… The word of God pushes other demons away and Psalm 91 is powerful.

So, this past evening… I had a dream. In the beginning of the dream, I happened to have moved offices at work to where one of my colleagues now resides. I was able to organize the office quite quickly and fit all of my books and academic materials. Nobody decided to stop by to say much about my move. The environment was hostile towards me.

Up to this point, my dream wasn’t a nightmare. It was an odd feeling dream but there was no evil in the dream, until that point. At one point, I was listening to rock music coming out of a tiny speaker and enjoying the change. Odd…

Then the dream shifted and I’m now at a party where I can recognize people, including my wife, father and mother. In one instance, I see my wife sleeping without much protection as well as my kid but my mom was keeping an eye on them. Then, I go on my own to the first level of the party where I see my wife, mom and dad as doubles of themselves. I found the former dream reality odd and start questioning why they were there, as doubles of my close relatives.

I knew at that point, in the spirit, that these creatures who resembled my wife, mom and dad were demons in disguise. I confronted them… One demon then showed whom he was by displaying her vampire teeth to me in a flash. I then told this to my dad (who is skeptical about spirits in real life) in the dream and he denied. I then see my mom as she is in the dream and the person who is emulating being her in front of me, as well as my wife’s double. Then, I saw a demon double of my dad with a beard and a fit body.

I did some initial fight against demons and my mom attended the fact. She knew the importance of having faith and knowing/reciting scripture.

Then, I immediately went up a dimension looking for my wife but she was sleeping. My daughter was also sleeping in another room in a different dimension. I was concerned and went back to the previous dimension where the demon doubles were still there. They tried to trick me and I fought them hard, with much faith and believe in Jesus Christ doing a “half” exorcism on them. They then melted and went into the pit of fire which I eventually ended up seeing inside.

Initially, I thought God was looking at my life through a projector. I could clearly see me as a still playing golf on a simulator back in Washington, PA.  By then I remember that nobody can see God and that scene was probably being used for some form of judgement. The creature wasn’t Jesus, either. All of the sudden, the creature comes towards me. It was the devil. With much faith, I tried to fight this figure but i wasn’t able to recall any bible scripture from the top of my head. My conscience told me in the dream, “You should have read more scripture in order to fight the devil.”

The devil then points this out and I see myself in a temporary prison cell, without being able to escape. Then, I fade back to a house where I’m able to find my wife. I get her and ask her to see the demons trying to impersonate my parents and herself in another dimension. My daughter, at this point, is safe with my mom. Then we go down the hill from one dimension to another and a demon, looking like a beautiful woman, stops and asks a question “… Do you believe in God?” I replied… “Yes, we are God’s people… people of the book, Christlike with much faith.”  The demon didn’t want to hear my response and went away.

I told my wife. See? We are surrounded by demons. Be careful.

We kept going down to another dimension and my wife then sees these demons trying to be my parents. One stops us and asks me a question. I reply, “We are God’s people… people of the book, Christlike with much faith.” I recall Psalm 91. The demon didn’t want to hear my response and went away and start melting.

We then enter a movie theatre. In that movie theatre, all of the people inside were demons. I told my wife. Keep strong in the faith. A demon asks us a question and I reply, ” We are God’s people… people of the book, Christlike with much faith.”

After leaving the theater, my subconscious told me… Keep much faith… don’t forget to read scripture… You will need both in the after life.  Then, I woke up. I was half awake and saw a few lights in my room, which is something I often don’t see. Interesting.

I tell this story to my wife. She then says, “maybe, we need to go to scripture in order to better understand this.” Good idea. So we did… She said, “Let’s open a bible and see what God wants to tell us.” So we did… The bible clearly opened in 1 Kings 22:13… I read it until 1 Kings 28.