Dr. A cares so much for advising that he decided to write an eBook exclusively to help his students to better understand life. Tidbits by Dr. A is a collection of provocative thoughts written by Dr. A throughout his social media accounts along with some of his favorite quotes written by several industry leaders. Some of the content you will find in this book include, “Never underestimate what you don’t know or what you can’t see. Behind every star there is much unseen sweat.”  


Dr. Almeida can help you guide your career. Differently from most college professors, Dr. “A” has developed a three point process of identifying, planning and implementing systematic process of discovering professional talent. Using his method, Dr. “A” has helped hundreds of students to find a career (not a job) and start working in what they do best. He has also assisted dozens of students with kicking back from a poor college experience and graduating from school after having struggled in higher education.

  • Advising Session In Action 
  • Student Testimonial After Advising Session
  • Sample Success Stories And More 

Chat With John About About Culture And Life
Dr. A With Apryl And Nandi, Cultural Night
Dr. A And Students After A Great Life Chat In The Cafeteria
Photo of
Dr. A And Antoinne Burton: Producer At Pietown Productions
Dr. A And Kendra Brown, PR Specialist Medical Mall of Mississippi
Dr. A And Robert In His Office Talking About Life
Preston and Dr. A In A School Event. Alway Supporting Students
Alexis, Graduate Student at Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse. Brittney, Television Reporter at ABC Little Rock, AR
Dr. A Mentoring Student At CMA

Hire Dr. “A” to help you to get back on track to graduate or to assist you with finding your career based on the gifts God has given you.