Audio Production

Dr. A is fluent with audio software (Garage Band & Logic Pro X), basic edits and adjustments and knows how to structure pop music. He has an understanding of dynamics and arrangement, pitch, and how to create lyrics.

Intro — Verse 1 — Chorus — Verse 2 — Chorus  — Bridge — Chorus — Ending 

He has helped to produce the Jazz CD, “A New Standard,” along with Flute extraordinaire, Jose Valentino EMMY® Award Winner. He is also a spoken word artist who has co-produced his own EP titled, “Let’s Do Better.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 8.09.36 PM

He has recently composed, produced, and mastered the spoken word single, “What’s Important Is God” and “Self-Criticism.”

Dr. A is a baritone who has basics of piano who can play the acoustic guitar. The samples below are a tiny collection of what he can do with Logic Pro X.