Dr. Luis C. Almeida, Ph.D. is a 5-time DOWNBEAT® Music Award Winning producer, co-audio engineer, post-production album marketing leader, and faculty advisor who has won in the categories of Best Jazz Group, Best Blues/Pop/Rock Group, Best Studio Engineered Recording, and Best Live Recording (x2).

His audio production and engineering credits include co-produced albums with EMMY® and GRAMMY® Award Winner, Dr. José Valentino, (1) “A New Standard” by Various Artists, (2) “Let’s Do Better” by Luis Almeida, and (3) “Conga Suite” by Robert Acevedo Jr.

Intro — Verse 1 — Chorus — Verse 2 — Chorus  — Bridge — Chorus — Ending 

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 8.09.36 PM

He has recently composed, produced, and mastered the spoken word single, “What’s Important Is God” Rapped the song “Technomoderation,” composed the instrumental song, “Times Of GoodBye, “Almeida Blues,” “Alone In An Indian Forest,” “Almeida Rap Beat 1,” “Almeida Rap Beat 1.”

The samples below are a tiny collection of what he can do with Logic Pro X.



Sample Trance Beats by Dr. A…

Trance Beat #1
Trance Beat #2
Trance Beat #3
Trance Beat #4
Trance Beat #5

Sample Engineered Songs… (Almeida Beat)

Sample Student and Professor Collaboration PSA’s…