God’s Divine Creation and our Senses

My God, how great is your love and peace! You bring life to us, rest, comfort and much great and needed sleep. It is because of your majesty and mercy that we breathe the air of hope for the privilege to be with you in the afterlife.

As I close my eyes this evening, I reflect on so many thoughts with my human senses, several worth writing something about here in my blog. First of all, I thank you God for being the master of creation who has given us the ability to hear, process, and comprehend stimuli in this fallen world we call earth.

The sound of the wind blowing restlessly on us everyday and the cool little breeze we feel at the end of May are small examples of your majestical and divine mighty power expressed for humans to understand. The amazing colors we see and spices we taste are all made by you for our enjoyment. My God!

Everything is yours. Oh humans, stop your egotistical tendencies and realize that God owns it all, “Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours.” 1 Corinthians 3:21. “The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them.” Psalm 89:11.

“O Lord, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions.” Psalm 104:24.

Intuition… I feel much change coming near me, unplanned. How easy it is for me to see, how can it be? I just had a vision and heard the call, life in abundance for me and for all. Your abundance. You are our only divine Lord worth worshipping.

Thank you for being supreme. Your engineering is unmatched, perfect in every way, and worth of praise. In God, we are to trust, with our five senses and our own heart. He and only He is to be glorified.


God’s Love is Unmatched

We don’t know what the Lord has for us because His blessings are impossible to operationalize in human form. Let me share something with you: This life has proven to me that the biggest blessing in one’s life is God’s love which can come in a form that is totally unpredictable.

I didn’t plan to move to the southern states when my family decided to move to Pennsylvania in the late 90’. It was a big blessings to me personally but now the big blessing is the sunny and warm sky next door. If you told me that I was going to raise a child in the Alabama/Mississippi region in America while living in Brazil, I would have laughed at you.

Yet, here we are… and it is a blessing in every way and in faith we wait for what the Lord has in His mind for us, so we can settle. In my household, we have faith in the creator and act on circumstances because of our belief that God help those who help themselves and He scales the missions of an obedient servant.

Life is a gift. Having a close relationship with the creator is calming. Reflections, reflections, reflections… I am doing! I’m thinking and reasoning. “The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.” Proverbs 34:10.

Keep believing. Never cease to trust God’s judgements. He knows better than you and me. Go enjoy your sabbath, pray and sing songs of glory. The tomorrow? Another unpredictable day.

Impossibilities With God Are Possibilities

The Lord has a great sense of humor. When we think that the impossibilities of life are unreachable, He throws us a curve ball and make it work when we least expect. “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:28.

With God, what is so far away God draws it near. Even with a low stature, the high is at reach with the Lord. The left is so close to right when The creator is in control. Have faith and in humility be patient to what the He has in store for you.

Always putting God first, you must. He’s the only God fair and just worth of much trust. Who are we without Him? We are nothing more that a pile of dust! In our loving hearts we shall be clean… dirty thoughts and self-centered actions say no today, do you know what I mean?

“You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Mathew 8:26. In the image of the living God you were made! Celebrate God today like having no tomorrow. If you doubt the light abs fear much love, all you are going to get is a life of sorrow.

Impossibilities with God are possibilities. True possibilities. That the only true God blesses you today.

God, Courage, Skillsets

After 46 years of living, I came to these undeniable conclusions…

We need the following to win in life.

1. God

2. Courage

3. Skill sets.

Of these, #1 is the most important.

The Lord Loves Me And Will Do Justice

Lies here, lies there, I see lies everywhere. My God, this isn’t right. What in the heck is wrong with the Christian Right!

They want to crucify me tonight for doing good. Is this the place that you want me to stay? I trust and obey. Show me the answer before May.

Many hours of hard work I’ve put this semester. I’ve cut many trees, have been on my knees, long hours, I’ve spend on developing the next professionals to be.

Enough! I say. I put my feet down. It’s not okay. You aren’t the only voice in town. Poetically I scream! No, I won’t be your next week’s meme. Stop.

You lie, Christian. You hate, Christian. You want to destroy… oh Christian Right lineage. Your offspring is being polluted by your arrogance and prideful actions.

Lies and more lies I read. The work of the devil with lower caps d, I see. You won’t have any impact on me for I seek good. It’s as easy as saying 1, 2, 3.

Deadly and toxic you are and this is only what I’ve seen so far. Little compassion you have. Much false public judgement you voice.

in the end of the day, it’s just a bunch of garbage noise! You have no poise! “Iraivos e nao pequeis” The Lord loves me and will do justice.