Luis C Almeida,PhD

Certified COllege Professor

Dr. Almeida holds a number of professional certifications pertinent to being a college professor. He is an Apple & CANVAS Certified Teacher, Transformational Master Life Coach, and has certifications in Adobe Photoshop Advanced, Lightroom pro, Illustrator and Spark, along with WordPress and Final Cut Pro certifications.      

Professional Credentials

Meaningful Certifications

  • Apple Certification 
  • Transformation Academy Certification 
  • CANVAS Certification 
  • Adobe Related Certifications. 

education background

  • PHD, Penn State University
  • MS, Clarion University 
  • BS, Slippery Rock University 
  • PGTAA Golf Pro

Professional Experience

  • 15 Years of College teaching 
  • Media Consultant For Burger King, Hopehouse International, And Emmy/Grammy Winners. 
CANVAS Certification (On-Line Learning)
Certified In Apple Media Products


Phone: + 1601 791 06 58
Instagram: thecoolprof
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