Influence And Knowledge Are Key To Seeing The Big Picture

I bring the ability to create contexts where talented people can make great decisions. In higher education. I focus on creating the HOW and the WOW factor with the intent of being transformational. The former is why I have a history of creating strategic partnerships with all the communities I’ve worked at. 

When colleges and universities focus on transformational leadership, they position themselves to leave a lasting legacy, attract talent and be known. I see what can be and have drawn plans to make my ideas come to fruiting. 

For example. While serving as the Director of the Applied Media And Game Simulations Center At Indiana University of Pa, I enabled students to produce extraordinary game arts projects including two first person video games to teach Spanish and Plagiarism in a 3D world. 

After planning for a context where students and faculty could work together for the development of top quality projects, my PHD graduate assistant wrote a top notch proposal where he won best game proposal in an international competition sponsored by Microsoft. To assist him with producing a trailer about his potential game, students in my center got together in my MoCAP lab and produced  the requested artifact. 

Dr. A And His Team

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Brought Mark Cuban To Talladega College For Free

Assisting Senator Elizabeth Warren With Spreading impactful News in HBCU's
Making Long Lasting Media Change
Assisting Small Businesses Survive In The New Economy
Making The Song "TechnoModeration

Talladega College


Under Dr. Almeida’s leadership at Talladega College, the Department of Mass Media Studies is now among PR News’ 2021 Education A-List for Advancing Careers in Public Relations and Communication. ranks the department now in the tp #5 best programs to train students in Mass Communication in Alabama. Student enrollment has increased in 25% and graduation rates increased 20% despite the many challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic. Under his leadership, Dr. Almeida brought funds to redo the department’s laboratory, wrote a comprehensive proposal for acquiring additional space to host the department’s media studio and newsroom which has been granted, and had completely redesigned the department’s internship program which now has a 100% placement. In his tenure at Talladega College, he has collaborated with the Office of Admission, TC Soccer, Financial Aid, Public Relations, and the Office of Retention with producing media production artifacts for their operations. He is a team builder who achieve results.

Jackson State University


As an Interim Department Chair at Jackson State University, I had the duty to re-do a department from the bottom up and co-introduced a big picture vision written document to the Institutions of Higher Learning to upgrade the Department of Mass Media at JSU from a unit to the School of Journalism and Media Studies. Using a combination of regional influence and institutional knowledge, I was able to show the big picture to members of my faculty and students which has had a direct impact on how the school of Journalism and Mass Media Studies partnered with the Jackson Zoo and other local non-profits to advance the local economy. In addition, former faculty members who were unproductive and demotivated became enthusiastic faculty. 


CMA & Toastmasters


While serving as the President of the Cleveland Media Association, I created a work environment that enabled the organization to grow and flourish which encouraged the members of the cabinet to express their thoughts and opinions freely, offer collective solutions and solve immediate problems effectively and efficiently. As a result, we were  also able to develop new partnerships with small business which we leveraged strategically to grow the organization. In less than 6 months, with our financial reserves went from almost zero to a position of financial stability. The HOW and WOW transformative model was adopted, applied and celebrated by all members. 

Advertising Federation


In addition to serving institutions of higher learning with models of transformative leadership, I’ve done a fair amount of public speaking in my career as a means to serve my communities and build network. In order to architect culture, we must first master culture itself. My way to engage in transformative conversations with local leaders is by giving my time and resources for the benefit of the town. I’m a firm believer that strategic partnerships are developed through meaningful conversations with decision makers. The example on the left is an example of what i do to build rapport with local decision makers to fundraise.       


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