It’s okay to be different. Some refer to Dr. Almeida as a Multi-Hyphenate — a person with professional expertise in several fields. The worldly acclaimed Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has featured him for his work in leadership strategy; The RUTGERS Center For Minority Serving Institutions has him as center affiliate, and the giants O Globo Newspaper and Triffato Magazine celebrated him for his work in media leadership, along with CBS, ABC, FOX and NPR affiliates. He served as the Director of a Media Center for five years and have led academic departments in three institutions of higher learning in the United States where he has been bringing hundreds of thousands of grant funds for the units and placed a small HBCU department as a A-List top 35 schools PR and Communication in the United States.   

The international photo sharing site, with 3.7 million and some of the world’s best  photographers, YouPic, has ranked Dr. A #1 among landscape and photojournalist photographers — Top 8 overall among photographers in the United States. His photo, “Fantasy Photoshoot” was the cover photo for the Altered Images Photograph in the Smithsonian Magazine on-line website on November 2019. His colorful style of photography was celebrated by the Association for Visual Arts (AVA), and featured in a number of high profile galleries including the Las Laguna Gallery in Southern California. The Exhibition, “From The Eyes Of An Immigrant” has been shown as a solo exhibition in the state of Alabama for a month. One of his Alabama clients, The Birmingham Zoo, recently released his promotional video, “Glow Wild Event” to 150 thousand followers which has lead thousands of clients to visit the zoo which led Dr. Almeida receiving the 2021 Hermes Awards for his multimedia/video/photo work, along with the AVA Digital Awards and the dotCOMM Awards 2021, for his work with the Coco House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue Non-Profit organization. 

A Number of organizations including the Advertising FederationCivitan International, Rotary ClubThe United Way of TennesseeC-CUE, The Cleveland Media AssociationJackson State AthleticsTEDx PhoenixvilleE-Center of Mississippi, and multiple high school districts have brought Dr. A as an invited public speaker on the topic of technology.

His research work has been published in the following peer-reviewed research journals: British Journal of Education technology (BJET), American Journal of Distance Education, Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), International Journal Of Education Reform, Education Research International, Journal of Communications Media, Tech Trends, Education Horizons, among others. The following are the international conferences he has presented concurrent peer-reviewed presentations at: Digital Citizenship Summit @ Twitter headquarters, International Society of Technology In Education (ISTE), American Education Research Association (AERA), Association for Education Communications And Technology (AECT), and the Original Lilly Conference On College Teaching. 

Dr. Almeida -- Helping Students To Find A Career

The Caring Professor

Dr. Almeida is a college professor who cares and is constantly interacting with students in order to better serve and find the best in them. It isn’t atypical for him to stop in the middle of the hallway and start engaging with students, literally. He takes this approach in order to expose students to his personality outside the classroom, which he believes is important for students to be acquainted with — the personality of a professor outside the classroom. 


The Latino Professional

He has also contributed to the Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S. During his career in higher education, he has helped hundreds of latino males and females to graduate from college in multiple states. Minority students overall and latino students in particular, seek Dr. A for comfort and advise about life in and after college. He is able to speak with latino students in their mother language creating an immediate rapport with latino students.  

The Citizen Professor

Dr. Almeida is a great department citizen who celebrates his colleague’s victories and is often seen on campus speaking with professors from different departments. He finds enjoyment in collaborating with peers and seeing his institutions succeed. Always smiling and with a positive attitude, Dr. A is truly a unique kind of college professor who celebrates the success of others and is always ready to assist his colleagues to accomplish their tasks. 

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