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Let us live life extraordinarily!” This is the statement that multi-hyphenate, Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida [herinafter, Dr.  A], lives by and to be quite frank, is very appropriate for anyone who experiences Dr.  A’s vast talents, understanding, services, leadership expertise, and strategic solutions for their respective corporations, educational institutions, and independent arts enterprises. Few people can testify of gargantuan acclaim and verified experiences in the workforce as a (1) cultural arts architect, (2) institutional solutionist, (3) multi-award winning producer, (4) caring administrator and professor, (5) internationally-ranked photopreneur, and (6) published writer and academic scholar

Furthermore, Dr.  A is also a professional golfer who competed in the National Golf Team of Brazil and is also certified trainer [Class A] who has enjoyed teaching golf as a professor. Dr.  A as CEO of a successful family-owned spa business in Pennsylvania, I Do Therapy, that generated more than $100,000 in profit and functioned as a therapeutic service for a community of 20 thousand people. Dr.  A currently manages a highly-successful multimedia production company that affords companies the opportunity to obtain industry-standard marketing content [at an affordable rate] that is specifically-tailored to appeal to mass audiences within the meta-digital community. Dr.  A expertise in navigating combatting algorithms and employing target marketing strategies based on his extensive research, serves as an added-powerful service for ensuring visibility and revenue increase for companies. That is why Dr.  A has been a tenured professor at two universities, obtained numerous research grants, published over 30 articles, 3 Pearson books,  and is currently the Chair of Mass Media Studies,  Associate Professor, and Head of Public Relations for his unit at Talladega College (HBCU). Dr.  A’s heart is truly for the next generation of creative arts professionals as he believes they are ones who possess the power to heal our divided world, hence, he is equipped and ready to help other world-changer cultivators (professors and administrators) to achieve this great mandate. 

Dr.  A is an infuser, practitioner, and advocate for global arts entrepreneurship as the catalyst for translating the diverse wonders of cultures and people groups to local communities and global societies. His reputable skills and scholarship in the use of new media and technology has helped a number of high profile entrepreneurial clients . Dr.  A’s anecdotal experience in higher education leadership positions, administrative roles in a center of innovation, numerous research initiatives, and caring teaching makes him a unique academic. With eclectic intercultural experiences — hailing from Brazil of Middle Eastern descent (Al-Meid), working as an academic hip hop/spoken word artist with grammy & Emmy award musicians, and serving as a Chair of a Department in several Historical Black Colleges and Universities — one thing is certain, Dr.  A’s effectiveness and efficiency in unifying and guiding creative practitioners, scholars, politicians, and business personnel has a track-record propelling forward numerous organizations’ meta-strategies, ultimately, to enact transformational and societal impact that is long-lasting. 

There is much to learn, appreciate, and hopefully, love about who Dr.  A is and can be for YOU! Welcome to the official destination of one of the world’s most-caring, thorough, and culturally-adept stewards and dream builders. Whether you are a person or a mega-institution, consider allowing Dr.  A to join your mission and make your powerful manifesto come to fruition in expedited and glorious fashion. Be ruined for the ordinary and become relentlessly obsessed with pursuit of wonder. 



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