Journalistic Writing

Dr. A has knowledge of AP style writing and is capable of writing accurate, impartial, and clear a writing style that is clear to the audience. He has the knowledge of grammar and punctuation necessary for writing well for the media, e.g., using simple sentences that follow subject, verb, object order, active voice, concise writing, and word choice and meaning. In addition, he is aware of comma uses as it relates to media.

He is also able to simplify information complete assignments in a strict deadline. He writes with focus, possessing accuracy and detailed information. His writings are objective in nature, clear, without the use of complex sentence structure.

Dr. Almeida been writing for the mass media for many years. Some of Dr. Almeida’s articles include, “Check Out Glogster,” and “Which Computer Should I buy?” “The need to Technomoderate,” and “Extroversion in social media” and others. The photo below is evidence of his work in this area.


Photo of Dr. A's Column
He has also written for a couple of high profile blogs as a guest contributor in his career including and Click here to read some of his blog articles.