Dr. A understands leadership and how to inspire others to achieve. He has over 100 million media impressions for his work in leadership which he considers to be a blessing from God. Being featured at the Wall Street Journal was Dr. A’s biggest accomplishment in the leadership field.

Dr. A has held a number of leadership positions in higher including the being a Interim Department Chair, Assistant Department Chair, Graduate Coordinator, Director of an Applied Media and Simulations Game Center, and macintosh laboratory. He understands the logistics of higher education and has the humility to realize that in higher ed, there is always someone better than you.

 The following organizations have asked him to make appearances in their publications. 

Dr. A has presented or consulted with a number of organizations in his career, including the following:

  • Advertising Federation of Chattanooga
  • House Hope International
  • Bradley County School District
  • United Way Ocoee Region
  • Lee University
  • Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Cleveland Media Association
  • Ridgeland/Madison Rotary Club
  • Indiana Rotary Club
  • Dollaport Consulting
  • Cambria County School District
  • Indiana County School District
  • E-Center of Mississippi
  • Indiana University of PA’s International office
  • Jackson State Athletics
  • I Do Therapy

What do people talk about Dr. A in relation to leadership?

He currently serves as a VP of PR for Toastmasters International and Board Member at CMA.