Syllabus: MC473_SP17

Important Lesson: graphic-design

Interaction and Blog Lesson: chapter-12

Infographic Assignment: infographic

Study guide Midterm: MC473_MidtermStudyguide

Advertisement Assignment: Class Assignment

Media Messages: Media Messages

— The Products — Optional




IMC And Its Role In Advertising

The Need For Both Traditional and IMC Campaigns

What Make A Campaign A Campaign 

Making The Message Last

What Makes A Campaign Fail Or Succeed?

The Look An Sound Of A Campaign

The Marketing Plan 

What Makes A Campaign A Campaign?

Becoming A Brand

Building A Brand Image

Brand Loyalty 

Losing Brand Loyalty

How It All Works? Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, publicity…  

Public Relations: PR Promotes, Advertising Sells. 


1. Group presentation on opportunities and problems for the campaign (Completed)

Opportunities To Promote The Product

2. Group presentation on social media strategy and implementation (Completed) 

Strategies Applied

3. Group presentation on creative advertising and development of ads and products to promote the product 

4. Group presentation on marketing testing and evaluation and how we are going to ensure success of the campaign

5. Group presentation on traditional PR, e.g., development of press releases, article for the Blue & White Flash Newspaper 

6. Group Presentation on On-Line visibility, infographics, SEO (WordPress) and digital PR.

7. Design and development of artifacts by groups Lab