Dr. A is fluent with instagram, snapchat, and youtube. He has used these platforms to find and share photos, videos (including live videos) and to host his videos on-line. Dr. A is using these platforms these days to increase brand awareness (mostly on instagram), and audience engagement (mostly on snapchat). His youtube feed is now being used as a repository of videos to be shared across his social media platforms to advance his skills in on-line teaching.

Dr. A has put his brand out but finding a place to host his photos, videos and storytelling works. it is true that Dr. A also understands that platforms like facebook and twitter have also video and photo capabilities but he uses media sharing networks with a purpose under an overall strategy.

He has a clear cut media sharing presence where he carefully designed media assets under a theme. In youtube, the theme is instructional. In Instagram is motivational. In snapchat is tidbits of Dr. A. His networks contain text, images or video, captions, mentions of other users, and filters.

He has 2000 followers on instagram and is growing at a rate of 115 followers per week. His current engagement rate is: 34.59%. 


Sample Postings from Dr. A’s Instagram Feed

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 8.43.10 PM.png
Sample Postings 
5 Month Campaign

Dr. A’s hashtag campaigns have reached top status. He understands what needs to be done in order to be featured as a top post on instagram.

Please find below a sample audit of Dr. A’s instagram account.


Dr. A’s instagram posts are estimated to cost (per post) $53.14. At one point, Dr. A’s engagement rate was 41%.


Dr. A’s youtube channels are small. All his channel combined have a total of 8500 video views combined. He is currently working on producing weekly content in order to boost these numbers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 8.16.24 PM.png Dr. A now has snapchat. He is using this platform on a daily basis to provide 10 second updates to his audience. He is planing to incorporate snapchat as a tool to communicate with his students during the school year and to make his 10 second announcements. Follow his snapchat chat account today! He only has a dozens followers or so.