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  1. No Smartphone for two days: For this assignment, students are to not use their smartphones for two days and write one page reflection paper (double spaced) on how they felt about this experience. This is an individual assignment.
  2. Final Examination:
  1. ”Magazines reflect the surrounding culture and the characteristics of the society.” T/F
  1. Frederick Douglass  established the weekly newspaper ___________________. 

      A. Mississippi Link

      B. North Star

      C. Yellow House

      D. NYT 

3. In the mid-1800s, American magazines began to seek a literary audience by promoting the nation’s writers.  Examples: Harper’s and ___________________. 

      A. Times

      B. CNBC

      C. The Atlantic 

      D. CBS

4. The _______________  often are cited as America’s original investigative journalists.

      A. Muckrakers

      B. New York Times

      C. New York Post

      D. Smith & Seals

5. Magazines produced by businesses for their employees, customers and stockholders…

      A. Company Magazines

      B. Trade Magazines

      C. Consumer Magazines

      D. None Of The Above

6. Writers who are not on the staff of a magazine but who are paid for each individual article published…

      A. Staff

      B. Faculty

      C. Freelancers

      D. All Of The Above

7. Digital editions offer new publishing outlets. T/F

8. What are webzines? 

      A. Magazines made after 1970

      B. Newspapers into magazines

      C. Online magazines available only on the Internet

      D. None Of The Above

9. Digital Media All emerging communications media that combine text, graphics, sound and video using computer technology. T/F

10. Persuasion – The act of using argument or reasoning to induce someone to do something. T/F

11. “Technical Production – includes all the people who actually create the movie—camera operators, set designers, film editors, script supervisors and costumers, for example.” T/F

12. Copyright Alert System (CAS) – A private based system mandated warning created by Internet companies  in 2013 to alert consumers who try to download copyrighted material. T/F

13. Cybersmears – Positive information organized and presented on the Internet as continuing attacks against a corporation. T/F

14. Distortion (such as static) that interferes with clear communication is more association with which term? 

      A. Media 

      B. Noise

      C. Medium

      D. Feedback

15. “James Méliès – a filmmaker, used camera tricks to make people disappear and reappear and to make characters grow and then shrink.” T/F

16. Comparable: The melding of the communications, computer and electronics industries. T/F

17. Advertising – Creating understanding for, or goodwill toward, a company, a person or a product. T/F

18. Mass Media Are Profit Centered Businesses. T/F

19. Firefox was the first browser that allowed pictures and is the predecessor of today’s popular browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. T/F

20. Public relations grew out of a period in the early 20th century when journalists and the government were exposing the negative aspects of big businesses during the Industrial Revolution.  Businesses had to “fight back” by trying to improve their images. T/F

21. Computer Technology is the… 

      A. First Information Communications Revolution

      B. Second Information Communication Revolution

      C. The Third Information Communications Revolution

      D. A Combination of 2 & 3

22. “Unionization limited the studios’ power over the people who worked for them, and by the late 1930s all the major studios had signed union agreements. Union agreements also introduced professionalism into the movie business.” T/F

23. HTML  – Hypertext markup language. T/F

24. Doris E. Fleischman became one of the first women in public relations when she joined her husband, Edward L. Bernays, as an equal partner in his PR firm. T/F

25. The subscriber in communication networks is the _________________. 

      A. Sender

      B. Messenger 

      C. Receiver

      D. Channel

26. “The one innovation that survived the 1930s was the triple feature: three movies for the price of one.” T/F

27. HTTP – Hyperimage transfer protocol. T/F

28. Leone Baxter formed Baxter and Whitaker in San Francisco with her husband, Clem Whitaker—the first public relations agency to specialize in political campaigns. 


29. “Movie industry reached its apex in the late 1930s and early 1940s.” T/F

30. The 30–Year Rule, developed by Paul Saffo, states that it takes about 30 years for a new technology to be completely adopted within a culture. T/F

31. The Advertising Federation (ADFED) established its first code of ethics in 1954 and expanded that code in 1959 with a Declaration of Principles. That ethics code still exists today to guide the business of public relations. T/F

32. “Marey and Muybridge – Used sequential photography to settle a bet. Marey perfected a photographic gun camera that could take 12 photographs on one plate—the first motion picture camera.” T/F

33. What makes the Web as a mass medium different from traditional media is its capacity to combine commerce with access to information and entertainment. T/F

34. Public relations grew throughout the 1960s and 1970s with the encouragement of television, the federal government and corporate America. T/F

35. “Blind Booking – the practice of renting films to exhibitors without letting them see the films first.” T/F

36. Podcast – An audio or video file made available on the Internet for anyone to download, often available by subscription. T/F

37. Crisis Public Relations, Crisis Communication – A timely public relations response to a critical situation that could cause damage to a company’s reputation. T/F

38. “Directors: people who help gather the funding to create a movie project. Financing can come from banks or from investors who want to back a specific movie.” T/F

39. File Sharing – The peer-to-peer distribution of copyrighted material on the Internet without the copyright owner’s permission. T/F

40. News releases, product announcements and company profiles can be made available online, to be captured on demand by the press, stockholders, and anyone else. T/F

3. Critical Thinking Assignment:

Instruction: Students are to engage in a critical thinking assignment in this course. For this assignment, students will have to read the challenging question, think, come up with a solution and write it down in bullet point format. This is group assignment. *Or Individual if you wish. 

Based on the discussions we have been having in class in class and off about newspapers, magazines, social media…) what is the future of Mass Media? What, what can be done to make mass media survive the massive democratization (everybody now has access to a camera, can edit video…)  of media technology in our society? Please answer the question and list 8 potential ways for mass media to survive the massive democratization of media technology in our society. 

4: Artifact Production

For this assignment, students are to create at least one media artifact and submit them in CANVAS. Please refer to the tutorial  Dr. A produced on week #8 to complete this assignment. 

Dr. A’s Tutorial On How To Complete This Assignment:

5. BLM Presentation

For this assignment, students are to complete  a powerpoint (6 slides) about how social media has played a role in the spread of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The PowerPoint must have six slides.

1: Introduction 

2: About Social Media

3: About BLM

4: How Social Media Advances BLM

5: Sample Posts About BLM from Social Media

6: Conclusion

This assignment is to be completed either individually or by groups of three. If you (or your group) need a computer to complete the assignment, come to my office at 205 Seymour during class time or office hours. I will be here to help you. If you chose not to, you are welcome to go to the library, as well. If you prefer to stay home but don’t have powerpoint, try using Google Docs. It will work.  

Thank you!