I have ten years of experience as a college professor and a total of two years of experience as an administrator. During this period, I have received two letters of tenure, participated in a Harvard leadership and two chair trainings, and was mentored by award winning faculty members and high profile university administrators. In graduate school, I was taught how to research. In my career, I’ve learned to teach a great class, write, serve, and lead my colleagues with a heart.

Penn State University

At Penn State University, I’ve achieved a number of accolades that are unorthodox for graduate students including teaching four college courses, co-authoring five academic articles, a book chapter and presenting twenty one conference presentations. In addition, I’ve managed to be a researcher for two grants — Enhancing Education Though Technology (EETT) and The Classroom for The Future (CFF) and serve as an invited speaker for an organization; as well as, review conference proposals for two conferences and act as Internship Coordinator for a statewide conference.

In addition, I also reviewed articles for publication in one of the oldest academic journals in the discipline. Doing the former has led me to qualify for a number of awards. In graduate school, I’ve won the following awards — “Puksar/Holmes Fellowship,” “Graham Fellowship,” “Miriam Gray Scholarship,” “The Chancellor’s List at Penn State,” and the “Paul Welliver Outstanding Graduate Student at PAECT.

Waynesburg University 

My tenure at Waynesburg University was short but significant. In a period of two years, I managed to teach eleven classes, advise thirty students per semester, publish two articles, present in conferences nine times, acquire one internal grant, publish a book entry, and develop the interactive design curriculum, along with serving on the university senate and curriculum committees.

In addition, I was the department’s Mac Lab manager and the founder of the CAMPS lab, a student organization whose goals were to produce top digital communication artifacts and wrote ten articles for the local newspaper. My work in Waynesburg was so significant in the region that the Pittsburgh Tribune Review called me “Newsmaker” in the city of Pittsburgh because of my work in technology.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

In 2010, I accepted a position at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). My contributions to IUP have ended up in an early promotion to Associate Professor and a letter of tenure among many other things. During my tenure at IUP, I’ve managed to teach fifteen college courses, advise an average of fifty students per semester, publish eight articles, three book reviews, four proceedings, present thirteen conference presentations, ten internal presentations, acquire two external grants, a book entry, and deliver eight workshops.

In addition, I managed to publish three books, two training manuals, six newspaper articles, and advise eleven masters/doctoral thesis and dissertations either as Chair or committee member. I have also served as a T.A Mentor for two years. I averaged three yearly faculty observations per candidate and offered over 20 formal workshops (in a Center for Teaching Excellence format) to T.A.s under my contract. I’ve served IUP at all levels, departmental, college and university wide which has led to becoming Assistant Department Chair Elected of Communications Media and Interim Department Chair Elected of another department.

I was fortunate to receive the following honors and awards, “C-CUE Conference Keynote Speaker,” “TEDxPhoenixville Speaker,” “IUP Achievement in Scholarship Award”(twice), “Faculty who publish award,” and “Outstanding Researcher COE at IUP.”

Jackson State University

Due to my visible work at IUP, the Chair at Jackson State University extended me an invitation to be an Associate Professor and her right hand person to create a brand new school of Communication which in a period of six months, partly because of my contributions in writing why the department should be a school, we became the third school of communication in the state.

At Jackson State, I managed to teach nine college courses, advise forty students per term, publish one article, two books, present six conference presentations and eight training sessions in addition to leading the department through accreditation and a state financial crisis. In addition, I’ve delivered two public speeches, acquired an external grant and wrote a book entry while managing to advise four Master thesis. I was featured by the Wall Street Journal for my work in leadership at Jackson State and served as a member of the Mississippi Humanities Council as an official speaker.

I helped the university at all levels including being a member of the promotion and tenure committee. Due to severe cuts in the state budget which led to our school being reduced to a department, I made the decision to leave the university. I was fortunate to receive an award from the JSU Athletic department, “Excellence in Advising Student Athletes.”

Lee University 

I accepted a position at Lee University this past April 1, 2017, at the Associate rank. I decided to come to Lee because of its focus on teaching, which I believe I have a talent for. Since coming to Lee University, I’ve taught four classes, wrote a manuscript (under revision), presented one conference presentation, had a magazine article accepted (in press), a book entry, and wrote thirty-five columns in the local newspaper.

I was able to be featured in the two local newspapers because of my innovations and social media campaign course which literally quadrupled a non-profit’s reach and doubled their follow base on Facebook. I just received an invitation to join the board of a media organization in town due to my ability to speak with people.

I am a media generalist who can write. In my career, I’ve served all my universities and communities extensively. Between 2012 and 2015, I helped to set a vision for I Do Therapy, a small yet influential local enterprise in Western, PA in conjunction with being a college teacher/administrator, researcher, and community leader. In a period of three years, the start-up enterprise grew from having 0 to 240 clients operating with a small budget.

I know how to unfreeze assets and set depreciation schedules, along with maximizing operating expenses, in order to make a unit profitable and have a fine cash position.