Dr. A: The Versatile Photographer

Let’s start this page by saying that he has his own style of photography — DigiVibrado, or a digital vibrant bravado, a bold manner of showing vibrant boldness through photographs digitally. A style that has been featured in clothing and digitally. 

Dr. “A” is versed in a wide variety of technological tools and procedures. The Visual Mississippi photo book, a recently released photo book illustrating the beauty of the state of Mississippi, is evidence of his work in contemporary communication art. He has also designed and developed two photo calendars about the state of Mississippi and has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and churches for his work in high definition photography. He is also a trained photojournalist who understands how to capture great shots for media purposes

In order to better understand the power of social media, Dr. A keeps his photography skill-sets sharp in order to be able to share the connection between the role that photography plays in the process of social media development. The photograph below was taken in the competitive Mississippi Craft Show, located in the city of Jackson, Mississippi, where Dr. “A” served as an invited exhibitor.

  • Exhibition Photograph

Dr. Almeida At The 2016 Mississippi Craft Show
  • Visual Mississippi Book 


Dr. Luis C. Almeida has extensive experience capturing the moments that take your breath away! His photojournalistic work has been featured in university pages, church websites, academic journals, to name a few. Dr. A is able to guide any business to incorporate photography in their social media feed and capture photojournalistic style photographs for the media.

  • Photojournalism



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Dr. A’s photo work at VIDA.com