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Episode 1: Why Getting A Meal Plan Pays Off

Episode 2: Car Payments Will Increase College Debt

Episode 3: Don’t Overspend On Smartphone Bills

Episode 4: Don’t Use A Credit Card In College

Episode 5: Don’t Buy New Books In College

Episode 6: Save Money In College By Going To Summer School

Episode 7: Get Your 7-8 Hours A Sleep A Day

Episode 8: Use Your Smartphone To Produce Content Not Scrolling Content

Episode 9: Never Give Up Students

Episode 10: You Must Exercise One Hour A Day

Episode 11: Build Your Network While In College

Episode 12: Live Life To The Fullest With No Fear

Episode 13: Smoking Isn’t The Answer To Stress

Episode 14: Don’t Turn To Drugs In College

Episode 15: The Importance Of Prayer In College

Episode 16: Don’t Let Others Push You Around In College

Episode 17: Don’t Do Things Too Quickly

Episode 18: You Need To Get Involved On Campus

Episode 19: Don’t Be A Slave To Your Smartphone

Episode 20: You Must Produce Social Media Content

Episode 21: Finding The Right Mate In College

Episode 22: Don’t Burn Any Bridges While In College

Episode 23: The importance of Blogging While In College

Episode 24: Please Look At Life Objectively

Episode 25: Taking A Class In Public Speaking Is Good For You