An Award winning researcher, Dr. A holds a traditional definition of what research in communication education is. To him, research means publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals, presenting in peer-reviewed academic conferences, writing research proceedings and scholarly books containing a multitude of academic citations.


He is currently investigating the effects of narration and feedback in an online environment for the achievement of different educational objectives, a project approved by the IRB office at Lee University.


Dr. A is a teacher/scholar who has presented numerous times in competitive peer reviewed conferences in the United States. He has also published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals in his career. In addition, he has served as a consulting editor for ETR&D for over a decade among many other assignments.

He has published articles in the following peer-review academic journals:

  • British Journal of Educational Technology

  • American Journal of Distance Education
  • Journal of Digital Games Research (DiGRA)
  • International Journal of Educational Reform
  • Education Horizons
  • Tech Trends (AECT)
  • International Journal of Instructional technology and Distance Learning
  • Journal of Communications Media

  • Educational Research International

  • Journal of Liaoning Normal University (China)

  • Midwestern Journal of Education Communications and Technology

He has also presented in the following peer-reviewed conferences:

  • Association for Education Communications and Technology
  • International Society For Technology In Education
  • American Educational Research Association
  • Original Lilly Conference On College Teaching
  • Communication and Media Studies Conference

  • Eastern Communication Association
  • Mississippi Communications Association
  • AAF (Pittsburgh)
  • Digital Citizenship Summit (Twitter Headquarters)
  • Pennsylvania Education Technology Conference
  •  One-To-One Computing Conference

I addition to having published peer-reviewed academic articles and presented in peer-reviewed competitive conferences, Dr. A has also written a book chapter and chapter entries in a number of academic books.

  • The Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in The U.S.
  • It Worked For Me Creatively Series (In multiple occasions)

He has investigated a number of research questions and hypothesis in his career in academia. Some of his presentations and academic article publications are:

  • The effects of educational games on the achievement of factual knowledge
  • Empowering gifted students to learn through game design

  • The effects of different learning strategies to facilitate achievement of different educational objectives

  • User-design in systemic change

Dr. A has received almost 400 thousand dollars in funding to conduct his research in instructional communication and gaming.  He is a trained quantitative or qualitative researcher who keeps seeking answers to society’s most important problems.