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Dr. A's Research

 Dr. A holds a traditional definition of what research in communication education is. To him, research means publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals, presenting in peer-reviewed academic conferences. 

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What is Dr. A's up these days as it pertains to research?

a. He is currently investigating the effects of different social media strategies and its impacts in engagement rates. This project is experimental in nature. He plans to present its findings at NCA 2021 and beyond. 

a. He is writing a social media case study containing multiple best practices tactics and techniques to be used by non-profit organization across the United States. Dr. A plans to finish this project in 2020. 

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Publications and Presentations


  • British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET)
  • American Journal of Distance Education
  • Tech Trends (AECT)
  • International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
  • Journal of Communications Media
  • Midwestern Journal of Education Communications and Technology


  • Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT)
  • International Society For Technology In Education (ISTE)
  • Original Lilly Conference On College Teaching
  • Eastern Communication Association
  • AAF (Pittsburgh)
  • Digital Citizenship Summit (Twitter Headquarters)