My primary area of research focuses on investigating the impact of different media technologies on the achievement of different educational objectives. I’m interested in investigating ways students construct their own knowledge (Carr- 1998) from the activities they experience in the classroom and how communication related and writing activities are used in that context.

I conduct a number of quantitative studies, experimental design in nature, about the effects of different instructional strategies within a video game environment (or WBT environment) for the achievement of different learning objectives coming from an information processing theory (Atkinson & Shriffin, 1968) position. In the next few years, my goal is to design and develop a number of treatments to test the use of serious games (Abt, 1970) in communication related courses. 

The conferences I often attend, in order to give visibility for my work, is often:

  • The Association for Education Communications and Technology
  • The Lilly Conference on College Teaching
  • A Regional Communication Conference (ECA, MCA…)