Social Media Marketing

Dr. A has administered a number of company’s social media marketing and advertising campaigns and have designed, developed and implemented social media marketing plans for a non-profit in southeast Tennessee. He has consulted with a higher education institution on the topic, and with two award winning musicians, as well. He is a highly motivated, creative individual who is able to relate to others on a daily basis. The following are a few tasks he has completed in this area.

  • Produced and managed the creation of relevant, original, high-quality content
  • Created and managed publishing schedule in multiple social media platforms
  • Leveraged the right social media tools to manage campaign content
  • Implemented and managed a content strategy and hashtag campaigns
  • Promoted social media content through advertising
  • Developed brand awareness and reputation
  • Generated web traffic through social media
  • and sales

He has also designed and developed a social media plan including brand development, target audience identification, behavioral objectives, visual design, promotion and strategies of engagement. His 12345 method of growing social media accounts has proven to be a quite effective model.


In addition, he has engaged in the following day-to-day activities:

  • Oversaw design and monitored and responded to users in a relational way
  • Curated and managed published content in all formats
  • Analyzed KPI and changed strategy accordingly
  • Compiled weekly reports and analyzed analytics results
  • Monitored trends in social media tools and channels
  • Monitored benchmarks for measuring the impact of the social media campaign
  • To Name a few.

Dr. A’s work and his students have been featured in the media for their work on social media and event delivery. The screen shot below depicts his work with a health campaign in southeast Tennessee.

Dr. A And Students Working During LeeU’s Homecoming

Dr. A’s social media class, under his supervision, has been acknowledged and celebrated for their high quality work. The photo below was taken at the Bradley County Health Council in Cleveland, TN where his students presented the overall results of a social media campaign to constituents.

Photo Taken At The Bradley County Chamber of Commerce

Dr. A’s Account Grow and Scores represent his understanding of social media.

Social_media post

Dr. A’s work has been celebrated by university administrators, as well — which is a something that he is very proud of.


Dr. A has been involved with leadership activities for many years. In his career as a professor, he has held a number of positions in academic institutions, international conferences, and civic clubs. His work in leadership has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, among other smaller publications.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 8.42.40 AM.png

  • Interim Department Chair — Indiana University of PA & Jackson State University
  • Department Assistant Chair — Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Coordinator — Jackson State University
  • Director — Applied Media & Game Simulations Center (IUP)
  • APSCUF Representative — Indiana University of PA
  • Board Member — Association for Education Communications And Technology
  • Internship Coordinator — Pennsylvania Association For Education Communications And Technology (PAECT)
  • President Elect — Cleveland Media Association
  • V.P Of Public Relations — Toastmasters International Forge To Finish Club
  • Secretary — Indiana Rotary Club

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 10.51.56 pm

He has assisted college Deans with advancing academic units, set a vision for academic departments, has partnered and collaborated with other units on campus (college of fine arts, college of engineering, adult education, and history) to produce new programs and initiatives, and has observed and evaluated faculty. In addition, he has written college-wide academic reports, trained tenure and tenure-track faculty, adjunct faculty and teaching assistants.  Dr. A has also evaluated transcripts for accepting transfer credits and approved hundreds of students for graduation.


Dr. A is a Nikon NPS Member, Titanium level.

membership.jpg Dr. A is versed in a wide variety of technological tools and procedures relating to photography. He is a trained event photographer who understands how to capture great shots for documenting and media purposes. Some of his work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and church events and festivals.

He has also his own style of photography — DigiVibrado, or a digital vibrant bravado, a bold manner of showing vibrant boldness through photographs digitally. A style that has been featured in clothing and digitally. 




An artist at heart, Dr. A has also produced interesting photo compositions and work throughout his career as a mass communications professor.  The photos below are evidence of this work in this area.


Dr. A also shoots portraits.


These are examples of Dr. A’s photo illustrations…

Web Design

Dr. A has designed and developed the look, layout and features of many websites in his career. He has graphic design understanding as it pertains to the web and knows how to read and manipulate code when necessary, He has also provided weekly maintenance and updates to a large number of clients in his career, as well. Most of his websites today are WordPress driven and dynamic in nature. He widely uses widgets and apply web design principles, e.g., create content that is easily sharable, scannable and likable.


The following are skillsets and functions Dr. A has done in this area.

  • Produced his own WordPress templates
  • Designed webpage layouts
  • Wrote and edited web content
  • Determining technical requirements
  • Updated websites
  • Creating back up systems
  • Solved code problems
  • Optimized images for the web

Public Speaking

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida has given a number of speeches in his career. Dr. A has served as the keynote speaker for the C-CUE Conference, an undergraduate consortium of educational institutions with the goal of advancing computers in education, served as gala award speaker at Jackson State University, have delivered a TEDx in Phoenixville, PA, among many others.

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida delivers keynotes and sell training programs relating to social media and technology overuse, leadership and development, career and higher education with a touch of storytelling.

He can change how people think about media in one hour. Why should you hire Dr. A to speak? What has he done? What has he accomplished? Why should anyone listen to him?

  • Dr. A is a higher education leader who has served as a Unit Head in two institutions of higher learning.
  • He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal
  • His audience thinks differently about technology when he is done speaking.
  • An author who has written academic articles in three continents.
  • Dr. A has been featured as a Newsmaker by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review for his work on technology leadership.
  • He has appeared twice at ABC, in Jackson, MS to talk about technology.
  • He has been featured as a guest in two CBS-Chattanoouga segments relating to TechnoModeration.
  • He has served as a columnist in four newspapers.
  • He has written  three books  relating to TechnoModeration.
  • Dr. A was interviewed three times by Voice of America in regards to technology. 
  • The prestigious O Globo newspaper in Brazil ran a full page newspaper interview about @escthemachine.
  • He delivered a TEDx talk with success which has thousands of views.
  • Dr. A is a PhD from a public Ivy, Penn State. He has received two letters of academic tenure in five years and has professional development training in leadership from Harvard University.
  • Dr. A has had over 10 million media impressions for his work in technology and leadership.
  • He is a master teacher who has taught over 40 different college courses and over 100 concurrent sessions, including courses on media.

These are some places where Dr. A has delivered a speech:

  • Cleveland Media Association
  • E-Center of Mississippi
  • Lee University
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Jackson State University
  • Ridgeland/Madison Rotary Club
  • Civitan International
  • Michigan Avenue Elementary School
  • Indiana School District

Journalistic Writing

Dr. A has knowledge of AP style writing and is capable of writing accurate, impartial, and clear a writing style that is clear to the audience. He has the knowledge of grammar and punctuation necessary for writing well for the media, e.g., using simple sentences that follow subject, verb, object order, active voice, concise writing, and word choice and meaning. In addition, he is aware of comma uses as it relates to media.

He is also able to simplify information complete assignments in a strict deadline. He writes with focus, possessing accuracy and detailed information. His writings are objective in nature, clear, without the use of complex sentence structure.

Dr. Almeida been writing for the mass media for many years. Some of Dr. Almeida’s articles include, “Check Out Glogster,” and “Which Computer Should I buy?” “The need to Technomoderate,” and “Extroversion in social media” and others. The photo below is evidence of his work in this area.


Photo of Dr. A's Column
Sample International Column

He has also written for a couple of high profile blogs as a guest contributor in his career including and Click here to read some of his blog articles.

Publication Design

Dr. A is able to integrate images and text to visually support promotional content. He can make great design choices from concept to paper selection, proofing, producing and distributing content.



This following flyers were co-produced with another publication designer for delivery. All the formatting and final arrangements were done by Dr. A, including the restructure of content to fit publication, photo placement, organization architecture and font choice.

Dr. A can put together magazine covers, flyers and posters, as well.

Other Production Skills


Dr. A understands how to tell stories in video form, as well as to use video technology to report on a wide variety of topics to be broadcasted in traditional and new media.


Dr. A is fluent with audio software (Garage Band & Logic Pro X), basic edits and adjustments and knows how to structure pop music. He has an appreciation and basic understanding of dynamics and arrangement, pitch, and how to create lyrics.

Intro — Verse 1 — Chorus — Verse 2 — Chorus  — Bridge — Chorus — Ending 

He is also an aspiring spoken word artist who has co-produced his EP titled, “Let’s Do Better” with Emmy award winner, Jose Valentino.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 8.09.36 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 5.32.50 PM

— TechnoModeration rap —

He has recently composed, produced, and engineered the spoken word single, “What’s Important Is God.”

Latest song composed, produced, and engineered by Dr. A — “God Provides.”

Dr. A is a baritone who has basics of piano who can play the acoustic guitar.

Instructional Design

Dr. A has a masters and doctoral degree in areas relating to instructional design. He has created learning activities and compelling course content for over 40 college courses delivered face-to-face, in hybrid format and through distance education. He has experience working with SME’s to identify training needs. He knows how to design and develop behavioral objectives, create content and match content with the appropriate learning assessment. He is versed in a wide variety of technological tools used along with instructional design.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 10.40.00 AM

  • Serious games
  • Tutorial development
  • Podcast production for instructional purposes
  • LMS’s to be used along with instructional modules
  • WordPress & instructional multimedia
  • Expertise with Adobe Captivate

The following mini lesson below was designed and developed for the American Association For Physician Leadership (AAPL), based on the NIH article, “Executive Leadership and Physician Well-Being: Nine Organizational Strategies To Promote Engagement And Reduce Burnout.”

NIH Article 

Mini Lesson

The artifacts below are evidence of what Dr. A can do in this area:


Dr. Luis C. Almeida has been playing the game of golf since he was 7 years of age. Born in a family of golfers with a tradition of winning open tournaments, Dr. A grew up understanding both the culture of golf and what is required to be a great golfer. In his golf career as an amateur, “Camillo” won 69 golf trophies and was ranked 1st in the state junior ranking for three years. He was also 2nd of the state amateur ranking for two consecutive years and was ranked once in the top 10 best Brazilian amateur golfers. He is currently a Certified Master Teaching Golf Professional in the United States.


Dr. Almeida is the first Brazilian in history to be a Head Golf Coach in a NCAA affiliated institution in the United States, a mark he is pretty proud of. He has coached two Junior Brazilian golf champions. One played for Mississippi State and the other for Stanford University. He has studied professional development from Peak Performance Training to assists students with the mental side of the game.


Dr. A has done the following in golf:

  • Chase Pan-Am Doubles Member
  • Junior Brazilian National Team Member
  • 2nd State Ranking Amateur
  • 1st State Ranking Junior (3 years)
  • Coached scratch golfers in Brazil and USA
  • Winner of dozens of open tournaments

Dr. A hitting a driver

He can help people to become a better golfer.