Dr. A has been using and teaching professional social media techniques for a number of years. He specializes in creating niche accounts from scratch leading to content being featured in hashtags up to 70K posts. The posts below are samples of the SM content in the niche of motivation that he has produced.

He is versed with a number of social media Apps including Adobe Draw, memes, squarefit, photo collage, typorama, canva, videorama, iganalyzer and more.

He has done the following instagram techniques in his career — hashtag strategies, location tag techniques, collaborations, giveaway and promotions in social media, influence marketing, follow techniques and more. Dr. A also understands how to use analytics for maximum ROE (return over engagement).

Dr. A spend 450 hours In July 2018 conducting a comprehensive content analysis of best practices in social media which is currently being displayed (in progress) in the Instagram handle — SM_Unwrapped.