Social Media Marketing

Dr. A has administered a number of company’s social media marketing and advertising campaigns and have designed, developed and implemented social media marketing plans for a non-profit in southeast Tennessee. He has consulted with a higher education institution on the topic, and with two award winning musicians, as well. He is a highly motivated, creative individual who is able to relate to others on a daily basis. The following are a few tasks he has completed in this area.

  • Produced and managed the creation of relevant, original, high-quality content
  • Created and managed publishing schedule in multiple social media platforms
  • Leveraged the right social media tools to manage campaign content
  • Implemented and managed a content strategy and hashtag campaigns
  • Promoted social media content through advertising
  • Developed brand awareness and reputation
  • Generated web traffic through social media
  • and sales.

He has also designed and developed a social media plan including brand development, target audience identification, behavioral objectives, visual design, promotion and strategies of engagement. His 12345 method of growing social media accounts has proven to be a quite effective model.


In addition, he has engaged in the following day-to-day activities:

  • Oversaw design and monitored and responded to users in a relational way
  • Curated and managed published content in all formats
  • Analyzed KPI and changed strategy accordingly
  • Compiled weekly reports and analyzed analytics results
  • Monitored trends in social media tools and channels
  • Monitored benchmarks for measuring the impact of the social media campaign
  • To Name a few.

Dr. A’s work and his students have been featured in the media for their work on social media and event delivery. The screen shot below depicts his work with a health campaign in southeast Tennessee.


Dr. A’s social media class, under his supervision, has been acknowledged and celebrated for their high quality work. The photo below was taken at the Bradley County Health Council in Cleveland, TN where his students presented the overall results of a social media campaign to constituents.

Photo Taken at The Bradley County Chamber of Commerce

Dr. A’s Account Grow and Scores represent his understanding of social media.

Dr. A’s work has been celebrated by university administrators, as well — which is a something that he is very proud of.