Dr. A is fluent with facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. He has either done or consulted small business with doing market research using facebook, relationship building with all the three former platforms,  brand awareness mostly on LinkedIn,  lead generation on facebook to build lists (mostly email lists), and customer service on twitter.

He has shared many ideas and tons of information in these “relationship networks” to assist people. He is fluent with mobile applications of these platforms and is able to create a strategic and systemic plan for an organization with the goal of providing a social experience.

Dr. A has about 5000 followers in his social networks. 

Dr. A has 1072 friends on facebook and about 300 followers in his Dr. A Page. All followers were organic gained. These days, he uses his facebook personal page for personal shares and his professional page as a hub of social media sharing, multiple times a day.

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Dr. A has 1200 connections on LinkedIn, ranging from CEO’s, Corporate VP’s, Academic Deans, Professors and students. Dr. A is an avid participant of LinkedIn’s Harvard Business Review discussions and share written content on a daily basis.

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Dr. A has around 1400 on his Twitter feed. He uses twitter these days to provide his two cents on topics relating to social media and as a platform to scale repurposed content about his overall campaign. He uses this network to keep in touch with students, to provide customer service to his customers, and to build a relationship with the public.

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