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Introduction to
Dr. Almeida

“Teaching is a gift. We are to do what is right for the benefit of the students.” Dr. A

Dr. A is the students’ professor. 

Dr. A And Students

Teaching Days Left

Dr. A teaches students year round


Shaping your future

Dr. A has taught over 1500 students in his education career.  Dr. “A” is an educator of present who help students to get jobs. If you are looking for a practical professor, Dr. A is for you.  


He teaches students to better communicate inter culturally and to visually communicate messages through writing and photographs.

Media Tech

He teaches students to design and develop social media strategies, content and webpages to help them to get jobs in the real world.


He works with students to isolate research projects that are both relevant and on demand. He often conduct studies with students

These are a sample of classes taught by Dr. A throughout his career



Places where Dr. Almeida students get jobs at


Most frequent questions and answers

Cognitivist in nature.  

They are practical especially production courses. 

Applied Social Media,  Innovations and Social Media, Web Design, Photography, and Research Methods, primarily.   

Production, peer critiques, individual and group work, design-based activities.    

Absolutely yes. He uses LMS technologies, pools, tutorials, and podcasts.  

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