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I have been appointed Interim Department Chair of Mass Communications at Claflin University in order to assist the Dean to move the department forward which is a task that I am taking very seriously.  

One of my current assignments is to bring more productions to our unit. In order to accomplish the former, our offices and facilities must be updated and ready to be used in order to handle our advanced department productions requests.  

What Has Been Accomplished?

1. Created a partnership between with a local charter school to be a feed for the department.

2. Finalizing an articulation agreement with a local community college to have its students completing a bachelors degree with our department.

3. Cleaned, organized, retooled and re-designed a defunct TV studio station into a productive unit where students learn by doing which led the university leadership to use it as a recruiting tool for the university.

4. Cleaned, organized, retooled, and re-designed a defunct radio station and recording studio into a productive and visible operation which has led local businesses to hir our students for $30 an hour to work on their productions.

5. Created the syllabi of record folder for the department, as well as a Requisition/PO/Receipt system for the operating budget and two external grants that the department has.

6. Created the inventory of all equipment that the unit has in stock for student use.

7. Trained all the faculty and staff on how to properly use Tricaster technology.

8. Increased the department enrollment in 6% in less than semester.

9. Helped the Psychology, Nursing, and Business departments, Office of Student Affairs, Student Government Association (SGA), Student Activities Board (SAB), Dean’s Office, as well as the office of the President with producing top quality media content for delivery.

10. Created the semester course schedule, transferred students in and cleared students for graduation.

11. Modernizing our file system through the Claflin network in order to enable the President, Provost and Dean to see all the files that our department has.

12. Conducted faculty evaluation and observations. Recommended a faculty member to promotion to full professor.

13. Entertained high profile donors, such as the world bank, on campus.

14. Partnered with two African universities for exchanging faculty resources through distance education.

15. Assisted the Office of Marketing and Communication with recruiting Ologie Marketing to re-design the brand of our university, with recruiting a graphic designed also for that office and with building and finalizing a partnership between Claflin University and UNILAB, a Brazilian institution of higher learning.

16. Managing the department budget and bringing $65 an hour for the productions that our students are making for the local community under my new project, “The Center for Media Production at Claflin University.”

17. Created a central location with up-to-date advising progression sheets for all students in the department.

18. Creating several certificates including a certificate in Media Ministry.

19. Solving student to faculty conflicts, as well as working on revising our entire curriculum in order to prepare the unit for ACEJMC accreditation.

20. Bringing the department to stability in an unit that went from 169 students to 68 in a period of ten years.

21. Creating an alumni database as well as internship system to place student in jobs after graduation.

22. Transforming a low production media unit into a media powerhouse on campus.


Sample Student Productions

Excellence is key

Almeida Leadership -- FA 22

Sample Newsbrief Produced by Students in MCOM 270 -- TV Production I

Almeida Leadership -- FA 22​

Sample Interview Produced by Students in MCOM 270 -- TV Production I

Almeida Leadership -- FA 22​​

Sample Radio Weather Produced by Students in MCOM 270 -- TV Production I

Total Revamp of a Department

It has been less than a semester.


All social media posts are carefully crafted to ensure quality.


Our social media accounts now have a 75% engagement rate.

Social Media Strategy

Our social media campaign is in complete alignment with the university's value proposition.

$30 dollars an hour for production

Our department produce top quality micro and macro content. Clients pay for it.

Sample Revamped Social Media Posts @ claflincomm on Instagram

Talladega College

As Department Chair of Talladega College, under my leadership, my department increased enrollment during COVID19 times, I redesigned facilities, and the unit was placed in the PRNEWS 2021 Best Education A-List for schools training undergraduate students for careers in Public Relation and Communication. In addition, I have placed Talladega College’s Mass Media Studies department among the five best communication programs in the state of Alabama, a fate never achieved in the history of Talladega College which lead the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Fraternity to extend me an invitation to join this selective fraternal organization. I introduced a concept newspaper called Dega Dispatch to Talladega College administration, as well.  

Jackson State University

Dean's Testimonial

Dr. Anthony giving her testimonial about my work as Interim Department Chair at Jackson State University.

Leadership In Innovation

While serving as an Interim Department Chair at Jackson State University, I received a number of awards including the JSU Innovate for my distinguished work in journalism and media studies.

Standard Operating Procedure

One of my contributions to Jackson State's graduate program as Chair was to develop a manual for degree completion and properly guide students for graduation.

Media Literacy Courseware

While serving as Interim Chair of the department, I created a media literacy system for the department and trained multiple faculty members on it in order to deliver a congruent course for the unit.

Indiana University of PA

Pre-Tenure Leadership

At IUP, I held a number of leadership positions including being the Department Chair Elected of the Adult Education Department, a unit outside the my department after serving as Department Assistant Chair of Mass Media Studies for a term. In addition to regular activities as an academic administrator, I was also asked to serve as speaker in a graduation ceremony in the name of the college and provided scholarship excellence leadership for the university.  

Other Leadership Affiliations, Media Related and Training

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