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I am a scholar of communication and education technologies investigating the effects of modern computer technologies for the effects of different educational objectives, highly experimental in design quantitative in nature, usually from using video games as either an independent variable or research context. 



 In my career, I have published articles relating to communication technologies in the British Journal of Education Technology, Tech Trends, Journal of Communications Media, among many other media journals including the the DiGRA Japan journal. 



 Some of the conferences that I have presented concurrent sessions in include: MEDCOM, The American Education Research Association, Association for Education Communications and Technology, The Original, Lilly Conference on College Teaching, and the National Holmes Scholars Conference. 

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Latest Conference Presentation

Sample Research Articles

Research Article 1: The Effect of a Computer Game For The Achievement of Knowledge Acquisition — READ

Research Article 2: The Effect of an Educational Computer Game for Achievement of Factual and Simple Conceptual Knowledge acquisition  READ

Research Article 3: Empowering gifted students to learn through game design. READ

Research Article 4:  The Effects of Games Between Gender for the Acquisition of Factual Knowledge READ

Research Article 5: An investigation of social media strategies and authenticity as they relate to engagement rate increase READ