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I am a scholar of communication technologies with interests in the effects of mass media in society. I have published articles relating to communication technologies in the British Journal of Education Technology, Tech Trends, Journal of Communications Media, among many other media journals including the Journal of Communications Media.

I also have articles published articles n the Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, Educational Horizons, the International Journal of Education Reform, and the Praegler Handbook of Latino Education In the United States.


Some of the conferences that I have presented concurrent sessions include: MEDCOM, The American Education Research Association, Association for Education Communications and Technology, The Original, Lilly Conference on College Teaching, and the National Holmes Scholars Conference. I have also published seven books in my career. 

Technomoderation Book
Click The Book To Take The Human Robot Cycle Test

MEDCOM Presentation on Social Media

Scholarship beyond publications 

Alternative Scholarly Projects

Minute Film Projects

Concept based, one minute film creative projects.

Artistic Endeavors

Accepted art in peer-reviewed galleries.

Public Scholarship Sharing

Newspaper feature stories.

Sample Experimental Article: The Effect of a Computer Game For The Achievement of Knowledge Acquisition — READ

Sample Survey Article: The Impact of Computerized Devices on College Student’s Behavior — READ

Sample Magazine Article: Pandora’s Box of Automation — READ

Sample Blog Article: Man to Machine: How to Reboot Your Humanity — READ

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