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I have served in a large number of roles, ranging from service performed inside of higher education institutions to the communities that I have lived, along with leading the academic organizations that I have held positions in. My latest big civic commitment was to serve as the President of the Cleveland Media Association as well as to serve as an instructor for Family Promise, a non-profit organization that helps struggling low-income citizens to get back on their feet financially and educationally. 


I am currently currently serving the DiGRA-Japan Conference as a conference planner, my department at Claflin University in the technology and recruiting committees, as well as my library community in Lexington by serving as an Instructor in the local library teaching classes in iPhonography. Among other service tasks, I presented in the Center of Arts Migration and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida. 

CMA Induction Almeida

I have been affiliated with Rotary International (Secretary Emeritus) for ten years. Serve above self is how I like to define my work to the community, often speaking and advancing initiatives that benefit my communities in general. Being affiliated with Rotary has been a wonderful experience I’ve come to enjoy, in two different states — Pennsylvania and Mississippi.   

My Service Involving Media Production Is Overwhelming

Video Productions

Professional Flyers

Corporate Brochures

Public TV Conversations

Public Fundraising Service (116K raised in one day)

Mark Cuban Poster by Dr. A


My Service as a Columnist & Speaker

Technology Side Effects on Us

Article written at the Indiana Gazette about social media.

Understanding Success in Automation

Article written at the Cleveland Banner about automation

Human Robot Cycle Warning

Keynote Presented at the Sunrise Rotary Club.

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