October 9th: Dr. Almeida publishes an article about his experiences as a Latino professor in HBCUs.

October 3rd: Dr. A and his students produce the Claflin University’s Stroll Off Event slideshow, Fall 2021.


September 27th: Dr. Almeida receives emails from students attesting of his care for them.

September 23rd: Dr. Almeida launches, along with students, the testimonials project at Claflin University.

September 13th: Dr. A is working with students to produce the CUlture Magazine and is currently looking for photographs.

September 6th: Dr. A launches the ASK Project with students at Claflin.

August 18th: Almeida receives the dotComm Awards for his work with a non-profit organization in the state of Mississippi.

August 7th: Dr. A launches the Take Up His Cross Podcast on multiple platforms.

August 7th: Dr. A is competing in the Davey Awards for excellence in website design.

Photo of the Davey Awards
Photo of the Davey Awards.

July 22nd: Dr. A receives the 2021 DotCOMM Awards, Gold Award in the video for fundraising category.

July 7th: Dr. A reaches 1 million profile views on the photo sharing site, YouPic.

June 7th: Dr. Almeida wins Gold in thew 2021 AVA Media Awards in the Slideshow Production for nonprofits category.

May 26th: Dr. Almeida wins two Hermes Awards for his work with the Birmingham Zoo. One for Interactive Video and the other for Animated Slideshow.

May 20th: Dr. Almeida received highest recommendation from UF Faculty on social media growth.

May 14th: Dr. Almeida completes the University of Dayton’s training in Harassment and Discrimination for non-supervisors.

May 13th: Dr. Almeida putting more time in studio portrait photography. Client photoshoot today.

May 10th: Dr. Almeida introduces his new Dr. A Photo Logo and announces Amanda serving as a Full-Time Managing Partner.

May 7th: Dr. Almeida produces Talladega College’s end of the year slideshow for the President.

May 4th: Dr. Almeida produces the All Girls STEAM Expo video for the Division of natural Sciences and Mathematics at Talladega College.

May 2nd: Dr. Almeida has multiple graduation photoshoots at college graduations in the Oxford Alabama region.

May 1st: Dr. Almeida is competing in the Hermes and Telly Awards 2021 in multiple categories.

April 29th: President Dr. Billy C. Hawkins requests Dr. A to do a photoshoot at Talladega College.

April 22nd: Dr. Almeida is inducted to the National Leadership Honors Society ODK.

April 19th: Dr. Almeida produced Dr. Billy C. Hawkins’s welcome video for the Talladega College class of 2025.

April 14th: Dr. Almeida earns LinkedIn badges for Final Cut Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and Apple presentation software Keynote.

April 6th: Dr. Almeida produces and edits two ads for the GSAC Conference with a student in his program at Talladega College.

April 6th: Dr. Almeida is featured in the internal TC newsletter featuring his appointment at Rutgers University.

April 3rd: Dr. Almeida appears in the article titled, “Talladega College Holds Talk With Billionaire Mark Cuban.


March 30th: Dr. Almeida produced a thank you video for his Guest, Mark Cuban, with students from the Mass Media Studies Department.

March 30th: Dr. Almeida was featured in the Anniston Star for bringing Mark Cuban to Talladega College.


March 30th: Dr. Almeida along with Denzel Beach and Dillon Baxter produce the brand new flyer for the admissions office at Talladega College.

March 30th: Dr. Almeida is featured in the HBCU Campaign Fund for bringing Mark Cuban to Talladega College.

March 30th: See what Mark Cuban thinks of Dr. Almeida’s educational leadership philosophy…

March 29th: Mark Cuban Join’s Dr. A’s class at Talladega College. Huge Success, by this he way.

March 29th: Dr. Almeida publishes editorial at LifeHack.com titled, “Reactive Vs Proactive: How to be Proactive and Not Reactive.”

March 25th: Dr. Almeida finalizes the logistics for the Mark Cuban Visit and produces official flyer for the chat.

March 25th: Dr. Almeida receives the Creating and Facilitating On-Line Courses Certificate from Strategic Education Inc., in partnership with UNCF.

March 23rd: Dr. Almeida joins the University of Dayton’s Leadership for Organizations Summer’s Ed. D doctoral faculty teaching two classes — Leadership & Problems of Practice in Organizations and Intercultural Proficiency and Leadership for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

March 22: Dr. Almeida holds the Number #1 Nature photography spot for a month on YouPic.com. Almeida now ranked top #21 photographer in the United States in the YouPic platform.

March 19th: Almeida is featured in the Anniston Star in Alabama for bringing Mark Cuban to Talladega College.

March 17th: Almeida featured in a release about Mark Cuban coming to his class at TC.


March 16th: Almeida conforms Mark Cuban to speak in his class at Talladega College.

March 4th: Dr. Almeida widens the lead at YouPic.com. for three at days #1 Nature Photographer in the USA according to YouPic.

March 2nd: Dr. Almeida ranks top #1 nature photographer in the USA and Top #10 worldwide.

March 1st: Dr. Almeida ranks in the top #3 nature photographers for a week and is now ranked #2 in the category in the USA.

February 25th: Dr. Almeida makes headlines in Anniston, AL.

February 24th: Dr. Almeida Ranks in the top #3 Nature Photographers in the United States according to YouPic.com on February 24th 2021.

February 24th: Dr. Almeida Ranks in the top #33 Nature Photographers in the world according to YouPic.com on February 24th 2021.

February 23rd: Dr. Almeida ranks in the top 5 best Nature Photographers in the United States according to YouPic.com on February 23rd 2021.

February 22nd: Dr. Almeida ranks in the top 7 best Nature Photographers in the United States according to YouPic.com on February 22nd 2021.

February 21st: Dr. Almeida ranks in the top 10 best Nature Photographers in the United States according to YouPic.com on February 21st 2021.

February 17th: Dr. Almeida produces Talladega College’s President video for the United negro College Fund Banquet. This project was completed with his student Jordan Johnson, Senior Mass Media Student Major.

February 16th: Dr. A’s leadership takes Talladega College to Best #5 Mass Communication programs.


February 14th: Dr. A is featured at the HBCU Campaign Fund for his leadership work at Talladega College

February 8th: Under Dr. A’s leadership, Talladega College is now in the 2021 A-List Schools for best programs that train students for careers in PR and Communication according to PRNEWS.


February 8th: Dr. A launches the Adobe Lightroom B/W I Package.

February 6th: Dr. A offers affiliate opportunities for businesses looking to make money with photography.

February 5th: Dr. A joins RUTGERS Center of Minority Serving Institutions as an affiliated faculty member.


February 3rd: Dr. A presented a keynote title at the University of Florida’s College of the Arts, “Strategizing A Winning Social Media Campaign For Creative Media Professionals Using Media Analytics.”

January 28th: Dr. A Photo “Birds of Alabama” received 24,000 views on YouPic.

January 15th: Dr. A hits 500,000 thousand views on YouPic this month.

January 5th: The Southern States Communication Conference thanks Dr. Almeida for his manuscript contributions to the 91st Southern States Communication Conference.

January 4th: LifeHack publishes Dr. Almeida’s leadership article, “6 Strategic Ways to Aim High and Achieve Your Goals.”

Jan 1st 2020: Under Dr. Almeida’s leadership, The DEGA DISPATCH: Talladega College’s first newspaper (concept stage) was produced by students at the college. A much requested need given by the Provost of that institution. The publication is being reviewed by administration.

Dec 10th 2020: Dr. Almeida ranks #1 for a week in the category “Landscape” and #8 Among overall Photographers in the United States, according to the website YouPic.com

Dec 17th 2020: The Birmingham zoo, a leading organization in Alabama chose to feature Dr. A’s work on their 200K followers facebook feed to promote the well know and attended Glow Wild Event. Please refer to the video below for details.

November 26th: Almeida presents the keynote, “Scaling Your Social Media Campaign Beyond Borders” for the Center, Migration and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida.

Nov 8th, 2020: Dr. Almeida holds a single month exhibition at the historical Goodnow Gallery in the state of Alabama, United States.

Nov 3rd, 2020: Dr. Almeida is featured in the BOTANICAL Gallery in Laguna Beach California’s On-Lin Exhibition.

October 30th, 2020: Dr. Almeida is featured in the SMITHSONIAN Magazine On-Line and had “Fantasy Photoshoot” be featured as a cover to the Altered images category.

August 24th 2020: Dr. Almeida is named Department Chair of Talladega College. The school announced the news in a press release Monday.

June 12th 2020: Lifehack publishes Dr. Almeida’s leadership article, “What Leaders Can Learn from Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles.”

April 21st 2020: The Association For Visual Arts featured the COVID19 photography taken by Dr. Almeida in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

March 2nd 2020: The website artsy shark featured Dr. Almeida’s DigiVibrato technique, “Artist Luis Almeida uses DigiVibrado, a technique he developed which allows him to add a dynamic vibrancy to his photographs. More of his work can be found on his website.”

Jan 2nd, 2020: Dr. Almeida’s photography is featured in the Artist Showcase Early Winter 2020 for his work with the theme, “I see God everywhere. He is my inspiration and my goal is to wow you as He wows me. I hope to pull you into my work, and evoke emotion while capturing life’s moments.”