Dr. Almeida is a video game teacher!!! Yes, he teaches youngsters how to design an develop video games through rapid prototyping. A PhD in gifted education using video games, Dr. “A” can transform your kid’s teenager experience by focusing their attentions on technology in what really matters, brain development. In an age where so many kids are going on line and speaking with strangers, Dr. “A” work with parents and kids to train them to be better members of the society with the use of games.


Charismatic, caring, funny and competent are words that describe Dr. A to newcomers. He is attentive to detail and will train your kid to produce outstanding video games at a very early age “the right way.” He is an experienced video game tutor who has designed, developed, and researchers the impacts of serious games in instruction for over ten years.


In Dr. “A” home laboratory, students learn by doing through collaboration and human interaction with the computer. As a tutor, Dr. “A” works one on one with students to assist them in great detail with their video game creations.


Platform is an example of a game designed and developed by one of Dr. A’s students. He was 11 years of age. Contact Dr. “A” today to learn how to make video games. You won’t regret!