Dr. A is a multimedia storyteller and independent reporter fluent with video editing software (Final Cut Pro X), edits and adjustments along with FCPX plugins. He has captured footage from music performances, has designed and developed hundreds of webinars, has produced slideshows, animated videos, as well as captured video b-roll and stories for independent and school media.  Dr. A has experience assisting students to produce and direct video based messages, with writing their own scripts scripts and storyboards and is able to help students to produce intros, outros and transitions for multimedia productions.

He is fluent with using light kits and creating a look for his productions making his students prepared for the many video challenges they will experience in the real world. The videos below have been optimized for smartphones. Image quality will be better seen on an iPhone or Android and are only a small selection of what Dr. A can do.

Work Completed For The Birmingham Zoo

A Video Criticism Example

Video Editing, Lower Thirds, Flow

Concept, Intro, Video Editing, Outro

Whole Project

Concept, Intro, Video Editing, Outro

Department Promotion 

Artistic Timelapse 

Concept, Video, Soundtrack & Editing Contribution

Concept & Editing Contribution 

Introductory Video

Professional Tutorial Lesson

Sample Animated Video

Conference Advertising — Producer, Director, Video Editor