9 Reasons Why You Should Listen To This Guy Named Dr. A

  1. Dr. A Has Struggled Academically — He was a D Student In Brazil, most of his life, Dr. A understands academic struggles and has a method to fix the issue.
  2. Dr. A Learns Things Very Fast — You may want to know how in the world he was able to learn the English language in 3.5 months.
  3. Dr. A Has A PhD From A Top University — Only 1.77% of people in the USA has a PhD. He earned his and can help you earn yours.
  4. Dr. A Has Won Many Awards — He knows what it takes to win.
  5. Dr. A Actually Teaches His Students — Students in Dr. A’s class have learned to do a number of things.
Sample Study Conducted In COMM 300 By Dr. A’s Students

6. Dr. A Has Placed Students In many Jobs — He actually does his best to feature students in the media or in key strategic locations (Chamber of Commerce for example) so he can place them in jobs easier.  

Dr. A Taking Media Photos To Make His Students Visible
Dr. A Taking Media Photos To Make His Students Visible

7. Dr. A Is Invested In Student’s Lives Outside The Classroom — Oh yeah! Dr. A is “there” when you least expect! He is actually paying attention.

Dr. A Attending Dorm Wars To Support Students, Lee University 2017
Dr. A Supporting Student Athletes
Dr. A Supporting Students In University Sponsored Events
Dr. A Supporting Students Playing In A Rock band
Dr. A Assisting New Students With Moving In Day, JSU 2016

8. Dr. A Will Attend Your Graduation — A caring professor will do what he can to attend the most important day of your life other than your wedding day.

Dr. A And Carson Reno, Spring 2018 — Lee University
Dr. A With Nandi, Spring 2018 — Lee University
Holden, Dr. A and Carson Reno, Spring 2018 — Lee University
Dr. A With Grace Green, Spring 2018 — Lee University
Dr. A And Student At Spring Graduation (PhD Hooding day), Indiana University of PA
Student Getting His PhD On stage — Dr. A’s Was His Advisor
Photo Of Dr. A And Two Of His Students At Spring Graduation Ceremony, Jackson State University.
Dr. A And Two Of His Students At Spring Graduation Ceremony, Jackson State University
Dr. A And Aliyu At Fall Graduation Indiana University of PA
Dr. A And Carrie At Spring Graduation (IUP), 2013

9. Dr. A Is Probably The Most Unique Professor You Will Ever Meet — Enthusiasm is Dr. A’s second name. He will make you enthusiastic about your studies in and out of the classroom. * Question, which professor do you know raps, plays mean ping pong, is a golf pro, ride skateboards, plays the guitar and sing, and is fluent with the harmonica?


Dr. Jose Valentino and Dr. A In Action
Dr. Jose Valentino and Dr. A And their “techno Moderation” Performance.




Listen to Dr. A, you won’t regret.