Dr. A has been writing professionally in a wide variety of media outlets for over ten years. He has been writing about the importance of being mindful about technology use in education and society along with leadership for years, both nationally and internationally.

Some of his articles include, “6 People Management Tactics To Lead A Diverse Team To Success,” “Hidden Extremism: Technology Overload Is Impacting So Many!” among many others.  He is currently writing a biweekly columns for the Cleveland Daily Banner in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Photo of Dr. A's Column "Techno Moderation", Cleveland Daily Banner.
Dr. A’s Column “Techno Moderation”, Cleveland Daily Banner

Dr. A also writes a monthly lifestyle article for Lifehack as a guest writer. His work is centered on issues of mindfulness in leadership and society. The article below has been celebrated by many minority leaders across the globe.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 7.40.53 AM.png
Lifehack Article

Dr. A has also written numerous articles for the Brazilian newspaper Investimentos e Noticias as an international columnist while residing in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  His articles have been read by thousands of subscribers in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil and parts of Paris France.

Sample International Column
Dr. A Being Featured At The Investimentos E Noticias Newspaper

He has also written to a number of other media outlets including the Observer Reporter, Indiana Gazette and hongkiat.com.  In all of these media venues, Dr. Almeida has focused his writing efforts on the connection between technology use and its eminent side effects in society, which is a subset of lifestyle writing.

Sample Monthly Column at the Gazette
Dr. A Writing About Techno Moderation At The Indiana Gazette
HongKiat Blog
Dr. A Serving As A Guest Author For The HongKiat Blog
Photo of Dr. A Being Featured For His Work With technology At The OR.
Dr. A Being Featured For His Work With technology At The OR

Other Writings